Man Cave Furniture Review – A Buyers Guide To Make Your Man Cave Great!

This is the place where all the guys gather for sports, darts, a few beers, and movies that involve lots of action. I can’t just have a card table and a few chairs and tell the guys it’s our hangout spot!

No way. You gotta have the right furniture to make your man cave a super place to be.

I began digging around and finally came to understand that there are definitely good, better and best choices when it comes to outfitting your man cave.

So, why not stick with me for a while?

We will talk about the greatest pieces of furniture for you man cave, throw you some ideas, and overall help you get the most out of your man cave.

If you are lucky enough to have a room like this in your home, you better take great care of it!

You’ve Got To Have The Right Man Cave Furniture!

I didn’t realize there was a such thing as “man cave furniture” until I was looking for a Minnesota Vikings (my favorite NFL team) jersey.

I was simply searching for a custom jersey with my name on the back I could wear to games and also to Super Bowl parties (regardless of who is playing) and then I stumbled upon a place that sells amazing furniture just for guys and their man caves.

I was really surprised. I found recliners with NFL teams embroidered on them, which sounds like a dream come true for the chilly game days we have here in St. Paul.

I always enjoy coming in after a session of snow-blowing my driveway (and my elderly neighbor’s), changing into some dry clothes and sitting in the comfortable recliner.

They are made of nice, soft microfiber too. I admit that this is kind of a hassle when it is time to clean up after a spill but makes for a comfortable and warm seating arrangement.

I also noted they had college teams as well as baseball teams, too. So, no matter your area of interest, there is probably a team recliner just for you.

I am a Penn State fan after all, so knowing I could someday even get one of those recliners makes me happy.

But you won’t want to buy one right away. I will warn you; these recliners are not cheap. You will have to save up some money first.

But as you might already guess, the quality speaks for itself. These recliners are great quality and are just what you would get at a furniture store, the only difference being the sports team logo that is on the footrest as well as the headrest of the chair.

Indeed, there is a lot out there if you know how to look around and shop. There are even billiards table covers with your team’s logo on them-a buddy of mine opted to buy a Brooklyn Dodgers version-and there are also small area rugs with your favorite team.

My son loves the Vikings like me, and so we bought him a small rug to place outside his room-a little “welcome mat” of sorts that he loves showing off to his buddies.

And if you are a car guy, or maybe your dad or grandpa was, you can also get some cool neon signs. My brother and I have always been fans of Ford, so I opted to place a neon sign with the Ford logo in my garage.

Even today, my family drives a Ford Expedition, and my wife has a Ford Taurus. If I lived in the country like my brother, who is a potato farmer, I’d drive an F150.

Indeed, I like to show off my love for these cool cars in my man cave (and dream about the sweet Mustang I will drive one of these days!)

The Best Man Cave Furniture: My Top 5 Picks

Okay, fellas, let’s get into the nitty gritty. Now I will take you through the top five pieces of furniture I recommend for your man cave.

Now, I do not own all these pieces-my buddies own a few of them-but I have used them and been around them enough to know about their quality and appearance.

Bear in mind these pieces can get pretty expensive, so you may have to save up for a bit before making such a purchase. But, it’s totally worth it.

Here’s the top 5 quick list…

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#1 Cool Neon Sign

LDGJ Miller Lite Neon Light Sign Home Beer Bar Pub Recreation Room Game Lights Windows Glass Wall Signs Party Birthday Bedroom Bedside Table Decoration Gifts (Not LED)Click for price

Of course, I already mentioned why this is a good idea for the car guys in your group, or if you dream of owning a:

  • Camaro
  • Mustang
  • Corvette
  • Charger

Or if you’re just a regular grease monkey and you love the idea of a retro gasoline sign or even an old Coca-Cola sign, these add a touch of ambiance and fun to your man cave.

It shows off your car pride and lets everybody know what kind of territory you are in. Don’t blame us if you start a car debate among the guys! There are even ones about beer, always a winner.

#2 Team Recliner

NFL Dallas Cowboys Recliner Reversible Furniture Protector with Elastic Straps, 80-inches by 65-inchesClick for price

You probably knew I was going to talk about this after I went on and on about it in the previous paragraph. These recliners are:

  • Overstuffed
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Great for napping
  • Great for use with a huge blanket
  • Helpful, can fit 2 kiddos in the chair!

(The last point is put there because my son and his friend like to sit in the “special chair” together and watch TV in the man cave).

Indeed, I think these recliners are a great addition to any man cave anywhere. They are super comfy and so great to relax in after a long, hard day at work or even working around the home.

#3. Team Coffee Tables

Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Furniture: Hardwood Side/End Table, Denver BroncosClick for price

You are going to need a place to put all the brewskis and the chicken wings while you guys watch the game.

So, don’t just put any old table in that man cave. Instead, opt for one of the coolest things I know: a team coffee table.

These tables are fun and are much better than a standard old coffee table. It is a functional and fun way to show off team pride.

And they’re great quality, that’s what I love about my Vikings coffee table.

  • It is a pretty heavy coffee table at about 50 lbs.
  • You can flip over the center panel to cover up the team logo if necessary.
  • It is black, so it matches nearly every decor.
  • 24 inches in height-great to stack your feet on provided nobody is eating off the table!

#4. Team Carpets and Rugs

FANMATS NFL New York Giants Nylon Face 4X6 Plush RugClick for price

My one friend is a huge Redskins fan, and so he has his living room done up in Redskins furniture.

Yeah, this guy is a bachelor, so you can probably imagine that’s going to change once this guy finds the right lady.

Anyways, that’s not the point. The point is that you should invest in a good team rug if you can-it just adds a nice touch to the man cave as a whole and shows off your team pride.

You might even place it outside the entrance to your man cave so everyone can take off their shoes before entering and place them on the rug. It’s not worth tracking dirt through the house.

And, they come in some cool shapes and sizes:

  • There are football shaped rugs
  • There are putting green rugs
  • There are standard mats great for “welcome mat” use
  • There are even rubber mats great for putting shoes on.

#5. Bar Stools

Modern Square PU Leather Adjustable Bar Stools with Back,Set of 2,Counter Height Swivel Stool by Leopard (Black)Click for price

If recliners are not your thing, and you really want the bar experience, see if you can find a bar stool with your favorite team on them!

My buddy from college is a huge Tampa Bay Lighting fan, and he has his home bar outfitted with a few stools from them. They are fun for everybody. They really look great everywhere!

I had the chance to visit him in Florida and spent some time in his man cave. These stools are great because

  • They are made with sturdy steel
  • They have a swivel seat top
  • They have a good sturdy vinyl top that won’t crack
  • My buddy is kind of a big guy, and it supports him well

They’re made in the USA, and they just look great! You can even get them in 2 different heights-25 inches or even 30 inches if you have some really tall friends.

Why Invest in Man Cave Furniture? The Benefits

The reasons you should invest in man cave furniture are numerous! After all, this is your special space, reserved just for you and your friends for all the hard work you do.

It is a place to have your friends over without bothering your wife or kids with how loud it can get watching the game or the NASCAR races.

Plus, you can turn up the surround sound and enjoy good movies as they should be enjoyed.

But a space like this is not going to be special unless you outfit it with the right gear. Investing in man cave furniture is important because

  • It shows off your team pride. Hey, you’re proud of the cool stuff they did, the draft picks, the glory days. Why not show it off with some fun and functional furniture?
  • It is useful stuff. The items we recommend here are not some cheap and cheesy items that will break after a few uses. They are not exactly the cheapest items, but the quality of what you are getting really speaks for itself. It will last you a good, long time, and will make you glad to own it.
  • It’s just for guys! Guys, let’s be honest. You go into any home decor store, and there it is-lady stuff. Seashells, posters about “live, laugh, love”, candles, and all that stuff. No thanks! Your wife makes the main area look pretty with that stuff, but when the guys get together, it’s time for something different.
  • It makes you happy. Hey, some of the best memories we have are the ones where we sat with our dads, grandpas, friends, and even perfect strangers and watched our team take home the championship. You will get that same feeling when you are hanging out in a space devoted to your favorite team or sport.

I’m Not A Sports Guy!

And guys, if you’re not big on sports, don’t worry. You should still shop around for a great recliner, a nice dartboard, or even a big coffee table to put snacks on.

One of my friends at work does not follow sports but loves tabletop games and video games-he would do well with a comfy reclining chair to make his video gaming sessions that much more comfortable.

A man cave is all about making it your own. So long as you have a nice comfortable place for your friends to gather around, drink some beers, and have a good time, it does not have to be centered around sports. Just make it inviting and put in whatever suits your style.

I highly recommend that you do a Google search for “gamer man cave” or “car man cave”. My neighbor, who is kind of an older guy, is huge into HAM radio (a type of radio where amateurs contact one another for the fun and sport of it).

He has a room with comfy chairs for operation of all that high-tech equipment and even some cool vintage posters on the wall.

It’s really all about you and your interests. There’s no wrong way to make a man cave, so long as you do it in a way that makes your buddies want to come over and hang out-and a way that makes you feel happy.

Who Could Use Man Cave Furniture?

Anybody, really! Think about a man you respect and admire. A grandfather, an uncle, a brother, a stepdad, a son.

These are all men that-even if they do not have a room in their home that they can call their own-deserve a cool piece of “man cave” furniture if you can get it to them.

Even if your uncle lives in a smaller apartment with his wife like mine does-they downsized after all their kids had grown up and moved away-they would still love to have a nice recliner or football-team themed mat to place outside their door.

A college student would probably love to have a special mat they can place outside their dorm door, or even a neon sign to hang in their small apartment to keep them motivated.

And let’s be honest, college kids enjoy drinking, so the neon sign would add to the party atmosphere

And suppose your dad is finally coming up on the special day known as retirement, which means a life of golf, sleeping whenever you feel like it, and not being under the thumb of the boss man any more.

You definitely would want to award him a special gift to thank him for all the years he put in at the job site to make sure you had clothing on your back and shoes on your feet.

One of our man-cave themed ideas we discussed would do really well in this situation. He would relax in comfort and style or drink in style if you got him a recliner or bar stool to enjoy!

Man cave furniture is not only fun and a great way to show off your style and personality. It is also useful, comfortable, looks great in any home, and is indicative of your pride in your team.

Side Effects….

Side effects of buying some man cave furniture may include:

  • Cheering extra loudly when your team scores a goal, touchdown, basket or wins a championship
  • The likelihood that your team will win a championship…maybe…okay maybe not.
  • A very comfortable place to rest your bones after a long day at work.
  • Compliments from your friends, visitors and even maybe your father in law.
  • A feeling of renewed happiness that you are in fact a human being with a life and interests instead of just some office drone.
  • No backlash from your significant other about the sports portrait, beer sign, billiards table or autograph that you wanted to put in the family room.
  • A space that you can really call your own that is away from everybody elsewhere you can relax and just be yourself.

Sure, some of these may sound like jokes or that I am trying to be lighthearted. But the fact of the matter is that us guys do a lot. We are dads, husbands, employees, and more.

It is perfectly okay to carve out space for yourself after you have helped out everybody else all day long.

Just as our wives and girlfriends like to get together with friends for a spa day or a glass of wine, it is okay for men to take some time for themselves.

I Don’t Have Space!

If you do not have space in your home for a man cave, you might consider doing something crazy-turning your garage into a man cave!

That’s right. It is not just a place for junk and other assorted items. Clean out that stuff, if you can, and turn your garage into your very own man cave.

You can also do a search for “man cave garage” for some ideas. It is a very ambitious project, but with some help, you could most definitely create a man cave that’s worthy of all the things you love including that sweet man cave furniture we talked about.

The Bottom Line

Man cave furniture is more than just a team or a logo.

It is a representation of your pride, and the happiness you feel when you root for your team or play your favorite game with your friends.

It is comfort, style and a little luxury. Enjoy!

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