Unconventional Man Cave Accessories

There are several cliché mancave accessories such as: the autographed sports jersey, autographed baseball, and autographed guitars.

Do you want to be different?

Do you want your mancave to stand out to be the best out of your friend group?

The key is to do something they haven’t done, read this list of ideas and your mancave will be sure to impress.

Instead of a bar: try something different

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Yeah you could have a bar, or you could have a fridge stocked with beer and have your main drink station be something unique.

You could have a fountain drink machine, a slushy machine, a gourmet cappuccino machine, etc. The idea is you can have alcohol without a bar, but you can’t have a slushy without a slushy machine.

You can be different by putting one of the freestyle dispensers in your mancave and giving it a unique feel.

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Have Arcade Machines

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Every mancave either has old school games like pool or ping pong, some have gaming consoles. Few have Arcade machines.

There is no one that would turn down the opportunity to play arcade games for free and the novelty does not easily wear off. It will also impress your friends an ensure that your cave is more unique than their fancy wooden billiards table.

If you can get your hands on at least 5 you’ll be sure to never run out of fun, you and your friends can compete for high scores for years on end!

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Seatbelt Buckle Key Holders

These are great because not only are they safe but they’re neat! How it works is first you set a seatbelt buckle on the wall and then you take the piece that clicks into it off.

You make everyone who comes in put their key ring on the clicking part and attach it to one of the buckles.

If they can’t unbuckle their keys successfully, they’re too drunk to be driving and can stay home! Not only is it safe but it also is fun.

Liquor Dispenser

Final Touch 6 Bottle Bar Caddy Liquor Dispenser
If you want the ultimate man cave accessories, then try this! You will change the bar game if you try this out.

Get a dispenser that connects to multiple fluids on a tap and instead of connecting sodas -connect liquors.

This will be not only sure to impress but if done in moderation capable of making memories you’ll never forget. On top of being unique and useful it is also compact.

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Consider a Urinal


I know this sounds weird, but having a urinal is unique. What would make it more unique and interesting is if you made the urinal out of a beer keg!

This is a urinal that your buddies will be telling all of your friends about, it also gives you that bar feel because you get to use a urinal instead of a toilet.

Build your Own Bowling Alley

It doesn’t have to live up to the quality of a real bowling alley. It just needs to be A bowling alley. None of your friends have one, you’ll be the only one with one.

You can lay down a sanded wood floor and have the bowling pins attached to strings. When they fall you could pull the string to move them out of the way and the strings can also lower them back into place!

It’s not terribly expensive and you can polish the wood floor to make it like that of a bowling alley. Don’t forget to check out this article on how to plan how to build your mancave, it’ll come in handy for this part!

Barrel Sink


Sinks are standard and boring; you can really stand out with a sink made from a barrel such as a whisky barrel.

The inside of the sink can still be standard but if you put the barrel around it nobody will know what’s going on in the inside!

Slap a new sink top on that fits and suddenly it looks like your sink is made out of a whiskey barrel!


There are many ways to make your mancave look unique. You want your mancave to be unique, because if it’s the same as all your friends mancave why do you need one?

Your mancave should be as unique as you are, you’re different, aren’t you?

Having a bowling alley will make your mancave the best, having a urinal will make yours unique, and having arcade machines will make it fun.

There are so many reasons to change up the mancave game! Don’t copy your friends, stand out from them and start new trends. Be original, be a man.