Man Cave Tables & Chairs- Why are they Important?

I’ve been obsessed with man caves in the past few years because they are very easy to design, and they give you a feeling of contentment.

Maybe it is because I am a guy and I love man caves.

Well, enough about me. I am here to talk about Man cave tables & chairs. You are probably shocked by this because tables and chairs are pretty basic.

Actually, I have noticed one thing about man caves, they don’t pay too much attention to the man cave table and chairs.

Let’s take a closer look at these tables and chairs and why they are important for your man caves.

Why Is the Design of Tables and Chairs Important?

I’ve been going around different cities to check some of the best man caves out there and I noticed that the design of the tables and chairs are not suited for the design of the man cave itself.

Your man cave represents your personality as the owner. All the things that they can see there will reflect your overall personality.

If you just buy any table or chair for your man cave, will it look good? No. You have to pay attention to the design and what you put inside your cave.

Do You Have to Follow the Design of The Tables and Chairs?

It should be the other way around. You have to choose a table and chair design that would fit the overall aesthetics of your man cave.

You are not just focusing on the table and chair itself so you need to make sure that the design would still revolve around the main theme of your man cave.

If it is about Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Avengers, or other themes that you can think of, your tables and chairs should always follow.

Do You Really Need Tables and Chairs in Your Man Cave?

I’ve seen man caves before without any tables or chairs. Well, they do have coffee tables for their man caves, but not the usual tables and chairs.

They usually have a couch and a small coffee table at the center. It depends on your preference actually. However, I would always suggest that you add tables and chairs.

You can just add like 1 or 2 tables with 4 chairs each. This is for the personal man caves, but for business types, you need more tables and chairs to accommodate your customers.

Some TV shows that have aired shows men standing in the garage. If you want it like that, it’s fine, but your man cave would look finer with some chairs.

For a personal man cave, it is better to have at least one table and a couple of chairs. There are times when the guests would prefer to sit on a table.

If they brought food, you can also put it there, so it is not a bad idea to have a table and chair in your man cave.

Simple Tips in Selecting Tables and Chairs for your Man Cave

I’ll just give you a few simple tips on how you can choose the best tables and chairs for your man caves.

Size Matters

Don’t get something that is too big if the man cave itself is small. You can’t let the tables and chairs take up most of the space of the man cave.

It is not your main attraction there so keep it small. Just consider a small table with at least 4 chairs and you are good to go. If your man cave is bigger, you can go for a sofa and table. A sofa is better to sit in.

Avoid Fancy Tables and Chairs

As I said, the tables and chairs are not the main attraction so if you make it too fancy, the guests would not notice the tables and chairs first before anything else.

You have to make sure that it will not get too much attention and make sure that it blends with the overall design.

Match it with the Coffee Table

There is a man cave coffee table idea out there and you can try matching the tables and chairs with your coffee table.

You can get the same design for both if you want. It can help keep the design consistent in your man cave.

A pool table still looks like a table and it can help keep the consistency of the designs.

The Shape

The shape of the table should match the shape of your man cave. If the man cave is rectangular in shape, try getting a rectangular table. If it is square in shape, get a square table.

The oval and circle tables are made for small areas. It means that if your man cave is quite small, you can just go for a circle or oval table to save some space.


Tables and chairs are quite expensive depending on the material that you will consider. For me, the material doesn’t matter too much, but I would prefer getting a stronger wood material for my tables.

I don’t like steel tables at all because wood tables and chairs can fit almost any design. However, these chairs and tables are quite expensive.

Pay attention to your budget and don’t go over the top. You have other things to buy for your man cave so make sure that you stay on budget, especially with the tables and chairs.


As you can see, a man cave is not just a simple bar with some entertainment. It is not your typical bar where you can drink wine or brandy and sit down with your friends.

A man cave is all about you and your personality as a whole. It will show the guests who you are and what you like.

Take your time and choose the best man cave tables and chairs.