Best Adjustable Weight Benches for Your Man Cave

When it comes to the idea of a home, what is it that many young American’s dreams of one day owning?

Outside of a house with a backyard and possibly some alcoholic drink in their hands? That is right, a mancave.

A man cave is a small area within a house where a person can casually enjoy themselves, a place where they can retreat too and engage in a variety of different activities that suits that particular individual’s taste and desires. No matter what it is, a man cave is a special place in the house a person can go too in order to relax.

However, while there are several ways a person can set up a man-cave in their home, with many more devices and items they can put in it, what is the one thing that would look AMAZING sitting in the corner of a man cave?

Besides a fully-stocked sports bar and a 4K TV mounted to the wall with surround sound enabled?

The answer is, a weight bench, and that is what we will be focusing on our in this article today. So enjoy as we go over four of the best adjustable weight benches for your man cave.

The 5.1 Adjustable Weight Bench by Bowflex

Bowflex 5.1 Adjustable Weight Bench

The 5.1 Adjustable weight bench by Bowflex is one of the highest-rated weight benches currently on Amazon as of writing this article, sitting at nearly 2000 customer reviews and a 4.3 out of a 5-star rating, making it one of the best selling and most popular weight benches on the platform as of right today.

  • Turn your man cave into a cave worth staying in with this perfect addition next to that sports-bar and a 4K TV. The 5.1 benches will look stunning mixed in with the rest of your room.
  • If there were a word to describe the bench, versatile would come to mind. The device is capable of adjusting itself to six different positions, including flat, 30, 45, 60, and 90 degrees worth of angles, perfect for all potential individuals and their specific needs and wants.
  • Hardy and durable, the back-brace to the bench will support you in your journey.
  • The weight bench is capable of supporting up too and around nearly 500 LB’s, perfect for anyone and everyone.
  • There are three different models available at three different price-points, here is where more subjectivity comes into play as everyone is going to have a different style or idea when it comes to what they want and why they want it.
  • The 5.1 weight bench is the perfect gate-way or starting tool for those in need of a sturdy, robust exercising tool or device.
  • The weight bench is no longer officially supported by Nautilus, which may affect the warranty on the device.
  • Has been reported by one customer to be uncomfortable.
  • Another customer in the reviews has reported a painful gap between the cushions of their bench, so do be careful where and how you push yourself while on this thing.
  • Lastly, another customer in the review section of this device claim it was not only hard to install correctly, but 3 of the four holes in the seat was stripped.

GYMNAST Exercise Bench

GYMENIST Exercise Bench Adjustable Foldable Compact and Easy to Carry NO Assembly Needed

If you ask anyone (including me), Gymnast provides some of the best exercising equipment available on the market. I will wholly admit to their quality next to their affordability and accessibility.

I mean, heck, they make some of the most affordable, yet durable exercise equipment that I am shocked that their stuff has such low customer reviews on Amazon, despite how dang good their items are.

However, despite that sad fact of reality, I can personally attest to the quality of Gymnast. Yes, their brand is somewhat obscure, and they do not have an overwhelming number of reviews on their products, but their products are dang good, like… really good!

Yes, not many people have left that many reviews on their products, but sometimes that is okay as even those few reviews can show off a product’s brilliance.

Speaking of brilliance, let us move to the next product that we have to discuss, shall we?

  • Extremely foldable and compact, take it on the go so even if you are not relaxing in your man cave, you can still work on that perfect body of yours while on the go.
  • Just like the 5.1 benches, this bench from gymnast is capable of being adjusted in all sorts of positions, including, but not limited too flat, incline, decline and much more. Perfect for everyone.
  • On top of that, the seat can adjust to three different positions.
  • The product even comes with a free cushion for your back, perfect for any position needed for comfort when exercising, or when you need a nap.
  • Best of all, unlike other weight benches that come disassembled and in pieces, the weight bench brought to you by Gymnast comes completely ready right out of the box! No assembly required for this model. Just take it out of the box, find that perfect spot in your man cave and get working on sculpting those perfect abs you dream of.
  • There is one person on the Amazon review page reporting that his unit was cheap and dangerous.
  • Another reported that it fell apart after weeks of light use.
  • Moreover, another one reported that theirs is (or was) unstable via the frame twisting and rocking back and forth on them.

Fitness Reality’s 1000 Super Max Weight Bench

Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench with Upgraded Wider Backrest/Seat (2019 Version), 800 lbs. Weight Capacity

Ah, yes, now we come to perhaps one of the best weight benches currently on the market as of writing this lengthy review article (along with a weight bench that I can personally attest too.) So, without more delays, here is the next product and brand.

Fitness Reality is another home gymnasium equipment brand like Gymnast, however, unlike Gymnast, Fitness Reality is a much, much more recognizable brand, and the amount of warm reception their products get on Amazon is a testament to how respected this company and their products are in the eyes of their customers and their homes.

Because of that, for our final recommendation for tonight, we bring you one of their very best weight benches currently available on Amazon, Fitness Reality’s 1000 Super Max Weight Bench, the perfect, (and I do mean perfect), weight bench to purchase if you are serious about getting into this lifestyle for your man cave.

  • 800 LB weight compacy. The device is capable of not only holding that much weight but also comes with a unique triangular support structure that gives the bench its incredible strength.
  • 12 adjustable backrest positions. It is capable of adjusting from a -20-degree incline to a +80 degree incline.
  • Detachable leg hold-down. Detachable from 3 different positions for additional stability during those long and arduous workout routines. It also prevents moving or rocking, ensuring a safe and reliable experience when using the weight bench for both yourself and anyone who may use it.
  • Easy to fold up and put away if needed, but let us be honest, if you are getting this for your man cave, you are not going to want to keep this big guy hidden away from the eyes of guests. However, it can be folded and stored safely if the need comes.
  • It is also easy to pick up and carry with you when the time comes due to the transportation wheels on the other end of the device, ensuring you do not need to strain yourself to move.
  • It is the perfect weight bench to get if you are planning on getting this to that ever-expanding man cave of yours.
  • Potentially bad customer service.
  • The bench is potentially too narrow for some individual’s liking.
  • Moreover, for another customer, it arrived in terrible condition.

Marcy Flat Utility 600 LBS Weight Bench

Marcy Flat Utility 600 lbs Capacity Weight Bench for Weight Training and Ab Exercises SB-315

For a bonus recommendation and one that I cannot in proper conscious NOT include as it is the first weight bench that I have ever gotten to use and own, we have Marcy’s flat utility weight bench as our fourth and final entry on tonight’s review article.

Now, honestly, this is probably the least impressive weight bench on this entire list, I will not lie. Out of all four entries on this list, this one looks to not only be the least impressive but the most boring one out of them all.

However, I will stick by this little guy and vouch that he is worth just as much time and money as any other starting weight bench out there on the market, and here is why.

  • The bench is capable of producing a full-blown work-out routine.
  • The material that Marcy used to construct the bench is durable beyond belief, capable of holding up too and around 600 LBS… that tiny bench is capable of holding that much weight! Honestly, I will ever underestimate the size of anything.
  • The bench is designed with the idea of saving as much space as possible, perfect for that side bench to put next to your main “I am going to pump some iron” bench with.
  • Perfect for everyone, regardless if you are just starting to grow your collection of exercising equipment, or you are a veteran looking for that next exciting piece to add. It does not matter, for this is the perfect addition for your man cave.
  • It can potentially have a rather peculiar smell due to the leather and or chemicals.
  • If you are looking for a weight bench with more features, then I am afraid this is not something that will interest you. It is, at the end of the day, a bench.
  • It is a rather cheap and inexpensive bench, but it can also feel that way at times.
  • Lastly, I am sure there are better work-out benches similar to this one available, but talking from personal experience, this is the best bench to buy, especially if you are looking for an inexpensive and cheaper bench.

One More Thing! Keep Reading…

Before we wrap up this article and review, we like to take a moment to mention this fantastic exercise program available right now by Critical Bench. The program is a fast, well-balanced, and fun exercising routines and programs that a person or group can partake in to get that perfect dream body in no time flat.

Please, check out Critical Bench and their programs if you want a fast, well balanced, and most importantly, fun exercise routine that will show results in no time flat.

With all that said, it is time to start wrapping up this article review of ours and give our final thoughts and opinions on the entire product as a whole and allow people to make their own personal judgments and thoughts. Not only the weight bench by Bowflex but any other potential bench that may or may not catch their eyes on Amazon.

When it comes to the program and what it will entail for you and everyone who follows it, following the guidelines and instructions will help to change not only how you see and feel, but also change and sculpt your body into that perfect, dreamy, eye-catching body that everyone dreams of one day having.

Yes, it will take a while, and you will probably not see any meaningful results right away, but there will be results, all it takes is time, effort, and determination.

So, with all that said and out of the way, let us move to the final section of this review of ours. Shall we?

Final Thoughts and Opinions

To conclude this rather lengthy review of ours, there are dozens of different brands out there that advertise and sell workout benches and gym equipment. When it comes to deciding on what to go for and why, well, it is highly subjective at the end of the day.

There are hundreds of different benches out there that accomplish a myriad of different tasks and jobs; we can only hope that this list points towards four of the better models out there.