Best Home Gym Equipment for Your Man Cave

One of the great things about owning a man cave is that you set it up how YOU like it. You don’t have to worry about what others think to look good in there, or what needs to go. That means if you want to have some fitness equipment in there, go for it!

In a perfect world, I would love to have a treadmill right in the living room upstairs, I could watch TV and work out without having to miss a thing.

But my wife argues the treadmill is not what guests and the rest of the family want to see. That’s where my man cave comes into play.

The treadmill is not all I have down there. Stay with me and learn the best home gym equipment for your man cave!

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles, Black, 144 sq. ft.

This comes with many tiles, depending on what package you purchase. We bought the 144 square feet package because that was enough to cover the bottom of my basement and then some, which is where my man cave is.

This flooring is great because you can just drop your weights on them when your set is over. It is easy on your feet and easy to assemble.

The mats can be washed with soap and water. I clean them with disinfecting spray just as you do at a regular gym (I have a bottle of disinfecting spray and an old rag to keep my equipment sanitary).

My kids love it too-my daughter enjoys cheerleading and likes to practice cartwheels and such on these safe foam mats.

They are pretty great, and they make the home gym a safe place to drop the weights once your set is complete, plus they help absorb shock.

  • They have a 2-year warranty
  • You can choose three great colors
  • Easy to wash
  • Non-slip
  • Not ideal for rooms with carpet-the mats will slip and slide around.

2. BowFlex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair)

Okay, I will admit these were a splurge for me and I only got them after a sales bonus at work had kicked in.

But they are pretty worth it and will pay for themselves over time with the money you don’t spend on a traditional gym membership.

These are Bowflex adjustable dumbbells-you heard that right. You adjust the dumbbells to fit your own needs of what you want to lift or curl that day. You can go from 5 pounds to 52 pounds. This is also a great way to cut down on the amount of stuff in your workout space.

No need to have tons of random, mismatched dumbbells lying around.

  • Slick black color, looks great
  • You can easily switch up the weight depending on how you feel that day
  • The grip is comfortable and easy to hold
  • They are made of plastic which breaks easily if you tend to drop the weights after your set is done.


3. Palace Learning Dumbbell Exercise Poster

Palace Learning Dumbbell Workout Exercise Poster - Free Weight Body Building Guide | Home Gym Chart | Laminated, 18" x 27"

This is a great poster that is front to back. You can choose to hang it horizontal or vertical. I like it because it brings me back to basics, and it is easy to see what exercises I should be doing with my dumbbells.

It is far easier for me to look at this poster than it is a diagram on my phone, or waste time and printer ink printing dumbbell routines out. If I write down a workout from the Internet, I can just look at this poster, see what they mean, and then copy the routine that way.

I like that it is laminated; this means I will be using the poster for years to come. This is a good classic learning tool that is great for when the Internet goes down and you need to remember a dumbbell move, and my kids will be using it too when they get older and get ready to hit the gym.

  • Shows great routines for the whole body
  • Laminated and tough
  • You can lay it horizontal or vertical
  • The print is hard to read from far away

4. Power Press Push Up-Complete Push Up Training System



This is a super cool product that you first look at and wonder if it’s really worth it. Then you take a chance on it and realize this is completely worth every penny if you really love the benefits of push-ups. It also stores very easily in the man-cave, so it does not promote clutter or junk sitting around.

You put the handles into the board and then begin going up and down as you would with any other push up. This in turn challenges you and makes you work extra hard. It shakes up the boredom that is doing hundreds of the same reps over and over again. You really feel it in your back, too.

There is even a handy training calendar included with your purchase. So, you can start small in the ‘Start Up’ phase and then get into intense training in the ‘Explosion’ phase.

It’s a great product and you WILL sweat.

  • Easily stores away when not in use
  • You will see results with consistent use
  • Helpful videos on YouTube to aid in your training by Power Press.
  • Not great for experienced fitness junkies-this will only teach them what they already know.

5. Kettle Grip-Adjustable Kettlebell

Kettle Gryp - Kettlebell Adjustable Portable Weight Grip Travel Workout Equipment Gear for Gym Bag, Crossfit WOD, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Lose Weight | Clamps to Dumbells | Made in U.S.A.

Kettlebell workouts are pretty slick, they target all the parts of the body and all you need is a kettlebell that provides a serious challenge to you but is not so heavy you cannot lift it. I think this kettlebell is a perfect way to get in a serious workout, conserve space in the man cave, and feel good at the end of the day.

The Kettle Gryp company touts how great this piece is to travel with. I cannot vouch for that as this thing has never left my man cave, but I know that other users have indicated they were happy with it.

I liked this because instead of buying umpteen kettlebells, I can simply use the Kettle Gryp to create the weight I am comfortable working with. A buddy who moved away left me a bunch of random old dumbbells, some of which were missing their mate.

This is a great way to put those scrappy dumbbells to work.

All in all, I would recommend this because you can get in a great kettlebell workout without the need to buy many of them.

  • Great to take on the road while traveling
  • Helps conserve space in your home gym
  • Holds dumbbells up to 55 lbs.
  • Not all dumbbells-such as some covered in neon neoprene- will fit.

6. Marcy Multifunction Steel Home Gym

Marcy 150-lb Multifunctional Home Gym Station for Total Body Training MWM-990

Once again, fellas, we have a tax-refund or bonus-money special. This is a $400 product but will absolutely pay for itself over time if you don’t opt for a traditional gym membership.

After all the ability to work out on your own terms is priceless, and it’s open year-round (I only take days off of working out on the weekends).

This one has everything you need. You can work the legs and arms with ease. The bicep pad is great, in that it is fully adjustable. You can do hammer curls and barbell curls with no pain in your back.

It’s easy to target specific muscle groups with this machine, and I really like the lat bar. I can easily do pulldowns and get my chest and back worked out, also improve on my shoulder strength.

The size of the machine fits pretty nicely in the corner of my man-cave. And, you can add weight plates to give yourself more of a challenge should 150 lbs. become too easy!

  • Easy to assemble in about 2 or 3 hours
  • Tons of great features, like an adjustable butterfly attachment
  • Provides all you need for a great workout.
  • Instruction manual not clear when putting it together
  • 150 lbs. maybe too easy for some users.

7. AmazonBasics Medicine Ball

AmazonBasics Medicine Ball, 12-Pounds

You can choose your favorite depending on your fitness level. I like the 16-pound ball, I find it gives me a good challenge without being too heavy.

This is a great little ball for all of your upper and lower-body workouts, and it is a great way to get your core strength up, too. If you like to train for basketball, this is perfect-it does bounce off hard surfaces, after all.

The ball is easy to hold in your hands and you can use it alone or with a partner. The ball comes right to your home completely inflated, so no need to take out the air compressor or other tools to get it blown up.

The price is right too-so if you like this one, challenge yourself and get the next size up!

  • Comes in a variety of sizes and provides you with plenty of workouts.
  • One user, an experienced weightlifter, stated this gave him a real challenge!
  • Some users reported the balls had a harsh plastic odor.
  • Some users indicated the balls had an oily feel to them.

8. DEGOL Skipping Rope with Ball Bearings

DEGOL Skipping Rope Tangle-Free with Ball Bearings Rapid Speed Jump Rope Cable and 6" Memory Foam Handles Ideal for Aerobic Exercise Like Speed Training,Endurance Training and Fitness Gym

Jumping rope is a great way to work on your fitness and having a jump rope is perfect for many reasons. It stores easily and goes with you anywhere on the road. It helps you build stamina.

It can be done at any speed or rate you desire. You can go fast like a pro boxer or just go for a few seconds and stop, then start back up again. It’s a simple movement and everybody can do it.

That’s why every man cave should have a rope. And this one is a perfect candidate. After all, the ball-bearing system will prevent the twisting and bending that you get with cheap ropes. That alone is worth it!

You can also adjust the length of this rope, so tall guys, short guys and anybody in between can use this rope to meet their goals. The handles are comfortable to grip, and you will be using this for years to come. The kids love it too-my daughter likes to practice her crossover jump with it and we adjust the length for her to do so.

In Closing

The man cave is a place we go to relax, unwind, and build-our bodies that is. The ability to work out and the will to do so is a testament to our strength and discipline as men, and we set a good example for our kids when we do so.

Working out also keeps our health up, enabling us to provide for our families and friends as we should. So, invest in your home gym and your health, after all, it’s an investment that pays priceless dividends!