What Is A Man Cave? – Your Ultimate Guide

Curious about what defines a man cave? Unsure about the rules of a man cave? Take a look at my article and you will find a full run down of the wrokings of a man cave.

Man caves have actually existed well throughout history. However, it has gone through many evolutions and has been known by a variety of names.

As such, when I decided I want to create my own man cave, I wanted to know what exactly defined a man cave. I wanted to know the man cave rules and what to put in a man cave.

Hi, I’m Ben and I am excited to share with you my run down on what makes a man cave a man cave.

Man caves are generally defined by the individual, but there are few common factors that set man caves apart from any typical game room or living space.

That is why I wanted to share with you the facts about man caves so you can create your own with more confidence.

What Is A Man Cave?

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Throughout all of life’s stresses, a man needs a place to escape the daily routine. Men need a private sanctuary that is all there own. That is where a man cave comes it.

A man cave a room for the sole use for the man of the house.

It is a private space where a man can find peace in the hobbies and things, he is passionate about.

The space belongs entirely to the man and all of its finer details are up to him.

History of Man Caves


Man caves have actually had an interesting place throughout history. They were once known as a cabinet, a closet, a studoilo, a study, a solar, a library, a shed, or a den.

Much like we know a man cave today, these rooms were typically private rooms that were placed adjacent to the man’s bedroom.

They would be filled with books, works of art or any of the things a man was interested in at the time.

Many famous figures made use of a man cave. Some of the most notable include Theodore Roosevelt’s Trophy Room, Winston Churchill’s Art Studio and Thomas Jefferson’s Study.

What to Put in A Man Cave?

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Like we said, a man cave is meant to be a space where a man can enjoy his own hobbies and interests. As such, the way the space is customized and tailored is completely up to him.

To decide what goes into your man cave, you have to start by picking a theme. The theme heavily relies on what your passion is.

If your passion is film, then you might invest in a full-fledged home theatre, decorate your walls with classic film posters and keep your kitchenette stocked with movie theatre snacks.

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If your passion lies with video games, you might go with a classic arcade theme in your man cave. You could fill your man cave with old pinball machines and classic arcade games like Pac-Man and DigDug.

Whatever your passion is, run with it.

Collectibles and memorabilia should also have a place in your man cave. Like we said, with movies, it could be classic film posters.

For sports, you could hang up your favorite jerseys, photos, or signed sports paraphernalia.

And do not be afraid to show off your more quirky side. Remember, your man cave is your safe space.

If you happen to collect model airplanes or Transformer toys, then feel free to put them on display as well.

Other than recreational accessories and decorative memorabilia, you also need to consider what aspects of relaxation you have in the room.

Seating arrangements should be carefully considered. You do not want to settle for any dinky, old couch.

You want to aim for a sofa that is luxurious and has superior comfort. Recliners are also a great seating idea for a man cave.

What To Avoid In A Man Cave?


As the name suggests, a man cave is no place for feminine pursuits. That being said, there is no need for any flowery wall paper or fancy upholstery.

That also means all decoration choices should only be made by you alone.

If you have a wife or girlfriend who wants to help, be sure to set those boundaries with her.

Let her know what your vision is so she does not go hunting for what she wants to see instead.

Moreover, if you do involve the women in your life in creaitng your man cave, be sure to take the whole of the designing process into your own hands.

Other Common Features of a Man Cave

Decorating your man cave according to your theme is a big part of making your man cave special.

However, there are still a number of things that are no specific to any theme but are nevertheless essential to the ultimate man cave.

Here are those essentials:

A massive part of enjoying a man cave is being able to enjoy drinks with his friends. If you do not have a bar in your man cave, a pop-up bar is an easy addition that will not take up too much space, but still allows you an area to mix and enjoy your drinks.

  • Bar Stools

Bar stools are an essential seating arrangement you should have in your man cave. It is a great place to sit, chat, watch a game or enjoy a drink without having to lounge back in a recliner.

  • Pool Table

A pool table is a classic characteristic of any man cave. If you are not sure what type of acitivities you want in your man cave, you cannot go wrong with a pool table. Its an easy game anyone can pick up when there is nothing on television to watch.

In addition to a pop-up bar, a spirit station is a great tool to have to pour out spirits and cocktails at your convenience. It is a useful station to have if you are planning to serve larger parties and do not want to play bartender all night.

  • Personalized Beer and Whiskey Glasses

Personalized drinking glasses is a great way to make your man cave more unique to your personality.

  • Microwave or kitchenette

Aside from drinks, food and snacks are also a necessity in a man cave. However, it takes a lot of time to move between your regular kitchen and man cave. So, keeping a small kitchenette or microwave is an easy way to enjoy food in your man cave without having to go very far.

What Is the Ideal Location for a Man Cave?

So now that we know the basics of what belongs in a man cave, where does it all go? Unlike history, man caves are not exactly considered an essential room when it comes to designing houses.

Some typical choices are a spare bedroom, a garage or a basement. If you are a particularly handyman with a talent for woodworking, then a basement or shed would be a good choice.

They are practically blank slates perfect for designing from the ground up.

Basements are also ideal spaces for men who are sports fanatics or film enthusiasts.

The basement can contain any theatric sounds or shouts over a football game and keep the activity completely seperate from the house.

If you are on the more subdued side of things, such as more intellectual pursuits, a spare bedroom can work just fine.

Whatever you decide, make sure to take into consideration what you will use the room for.

Remember, as much as a man cave is used for your personal escape, you do not want those pursuits to interrupt the rest of the household.

Are There Man Cave Rules?

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If you want the other members of your household to respect your man cave, keeping a set of man cave rules is necessary. It will establish your boundaries and limits.

The number of rules you have depends entirely on you and your preference.

10 Basic Man Cave Rules

  1. The room is entirely yours alone.
  2. All decoration and customization is up to you.
  3. It is your man cave; therefore, you choose what goes on the television.
  4. You are free to invite and kick out whoever you want.
  5. Snacks and drinks will always stay fully stocked.
  6. Do not bring problems into the man cave.
  7. You always get the last beer. No questions asked.
  8. You clean as often as you see fit.
  9. The man cave is a judgment free zone.
  10. Women are permitted on a case-to-case basis. Otherwise, they are not allowed in the man cave.


As you can see, there is so much to a good man cave. There is no possible way to name each and every detail, but what we have shared is just a foundation.

Start with these essentials. Follow your own creative eye to make the man cave of your dreams.