Which Refrigerator Will Perfect Your Man Cave?

You’ve put the work into your man cave. Spent loads of money on decorations and renovating. Everything looks perfect.

Now you have to ask yourself, do you need to buy a refrigerator?

The answer is YES! You definitely need a refrigerator.

Don’t believe me? Listen to my story. I’m Spencer Wright and I tried to skimp out on buying a man cave refrigerator.

I had finished my man cave, after months of renovation, I was finally ready to show it to my friends. I intended to share a few beers with them, but we ran into a small problem.

Every time one of us needed a beer, I had to run to the kitchen to fetch it. I spent way more time going back and forth than I did hanging out with the guys.

The moment they left, I started to research the different kinds of man cave fridges.

I am going to share the things you will need to consider when buying a refrigerator for your man cave.

I am also going to tell you which fridges are my favorite options. Hopefully, you can avoid the situation I had found myself in.

Things to Consider When Purchasing A Refrigerator

The first thing you should do, even before searching for a fridge, is to assess your needs. You will want to know what qualifications your fridge will need to meet.

This includes size, capacity and temperature options. Always consider the price. Make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Last you will want to decide if there are any features you must have. Making these decisions before shopping will make it easier to find the best fridge for you and your man cave.

The Size

Find these on Amazon.comNewAir AB-850 Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator, Small Mini Fridge with Glass Door, Perfect for Soda Beer or Wine, 90-Can Capacity, Stainless Steel

Decide where you will be placing the refrigerator. Assess any size limitations. Do this by measuring the space with a tape measure.

Measure the height, width, and depth of the space. Subtract roughly an inch and you will have the maximum size your potential man cave fridge could be.

Use this to narrow down which type of fridge you should buy and eliminate options that won’t work.

The Capacity

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What will you need the fridge for? Are you just using it for beer? How many people will the refrigerator store beer for? Do you plan to have parties with a lot of people present?

These are the questions you will need to have answers for. The capacity will differ depending on what is going to be stored in the fridge.

The fridge will need to hold more cans for a party than it would for you and your brother hanging out.

The Temperature and Temperature Control

Consider how cold you like your beer. If you like it icy, you may want to know how cold the potential refrigerator can get. A lot of people like to have a refrigerator with temperature controls.

Additional Features

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Are there any features that you need? Maybe you want crispers or multiple shelves. It would be great to have extra storage space in the door and perhaps a small freezer.

What features you may need will depend on the uses you have for the fridge. Some features will only be available for specific types of refrigerators.

Desktop fridges, for example, have very few additional features because of their size limitations.

Decide on A Type of Refrigerator

There are a couple of different kinds of man cave refrigerators available. Usually, men go for a mini-fridge when purchasing for their man cave.

If your man cave has a fully functional bar, complete with tools that allow cooking, you may opt for a full-size fridge.

The four types of man cave refrigerators are desktop, mini, beverage, and full size.

Desktop Fridge

A desktop fridge would be the best option for your man cave, if you will be the only one drinking. This type of fridge can hold a couple of cans and maybe a snack or two.

The average number of cans a desktop fridge can hold is six. Not bad, considering this is the smallest kind of fridge. You can place a desktop refrigerator on a counter or cabinet.

Best Desktop Fridge- Chefman Mini Portable Eraser Board Personal Fridge

Chefman Mini Portable Eraser Board Personal Fridge, Cools & Heats 4 Liter Capacity, Chills 6 12oz cans, 100% Freon-Free & Eco Friendly, Includes Plugs for Home Outlet & 12V Car Charger,

This is my top pick, when it comes to choosing a desktop fridge. It features a dry erase surface on the door. The fridge is freon free and can plug into a 12V car charger. However, items should be cold when put into the fridge.

  • Size- 5 by 5 by 7.5 inches
  • Capacity- 4 Liters, 6- 12 oz cans
  • Temperature- N/A
  • Price Point- Right around $40.00

Mini Fridge

Find these on Amazon.comRFR329-Red Garage Fridge Tool Box, 3.2 Cubic Feet, Red

The size up from a desktop fridge, would be a mini fridge. This fridge will work best if you only plan to have a couple people over once in a while.

The maximum number of cans a mini fridge will hold is about 60. A mini fridge can hold a few snacks too.

Mini fridges range from 2.4 to 4.5 Liters. A mini fridge can usually be placed on a counter or underneath of one.

Best Mini Fridge- Midea Double Door Mini Fridge with Freezers

A great mini fridge for you and a few friends. This mini fridge features legs, a reversible door, crispers, and glass shelves. This mini fridge is great because it has a little more room than the average mini fridge.

  • Size- 18.5 by 19.4 by 33 inches
  • Capacity- 3.1 Cubic Feet
  • Temperature- Adjustable temperature 32-50 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Price Point- Roughly $200.00

Glass Door Beverage Refrigerators

Find these on Amazon.comNewAir Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator, Mini Fridge with Glass Door, Perfect for Soda Beer or Wine, 126-Can Capacity, AB-1200

These glass door fridges are perfect for a man cave. You can easily see the different beers available. Your friends will greatly appreciate that at your next Superbowl party.

Fill the fridge with a few different brands of beer to ensure you have all of your friends’ favorite brands the next time they reach into your fridge to grab a cold one.

These beverage fridges will need to be placed on the ground. They typically hold about 120 cans. They are specifically made for beverages, so there is no space for food.

Best Beverage Fridge- New Air Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator

NewAir Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator, Mini Fridge with Glass Door, Perfect for Soda Beer or Wine, 126-Can Capacity, AB-1200

This beverage refrigerator offers a large amount of space for your drinks. There are five rows for drink placement and a glass door for easy viewing.

The cooler is available in stainless steel and weighs just under 63 pounds.

  • Size- 19 by 18.2 by 33.1 inches
  • Capacity- 3.4 Cubic Feet or 126- 12-ounce cans
  • Temperature- Cools to 34 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Price Point- About $215.00

Full Size Refrigerator

Find these on Amazon.comRCA RFR321-FR320/8 IGLOO Mini Refrigerator, 3.2 Cu Ft Fridge, Black

This is the type of refrigerator that you have in your kitchen. There could be a need for a full-size refrigerator in your man cave if you will have a large amount of people hanging there often.

You may want a full-size refrigerator if you have the option to cook in your man cave, or plan to host parties where you will be serving food in your man cave.

A full-size refrigerator will have to be placed on the ground out of the way. You will definitely need to know how much space you have available for a full size, man cave refrigerator.

Best Full-Size Fridge- RCA Full Size Refrigerator

My top choice for a full size, man cave refrigerator. This fridge offers plenty of space and convenient features. The door has storage space for gallon sized containers. The fridge features a huge crisper and three shelves. It also features a bottom mount freezer. This refrigerator would be perfect if your man cave has a fully functioning bar. The door will provide plenty of space for soda and mixers, plus there’s plenty of room to store snacks.

  • Size-59.4 by 28.9 by 26.5 inches
  • Capacity- 9.2 Cubic Feet
  • Temperature- Adjustable Thermostat
  • Price Point- Around $480.00

My Top Pick- The Red Garage Fridge Toolbox

I bought this refrigerator on the spot. I couldn’t believe that the fridge looked like a toolbox and I couldn’t imagine another fridge would look as good in my man cave.

The fridge had plenty of room for my drinks and snacks within its secret drawers. The fridge includes a crisper, door can dispenser, and drip tray.

The biggest perk is that no one would know that it is a refrigerator by simply looking at it.

  • Size-18 by 20 by 32 inches
  • Capacity- 3.2 Cubic Feet
  • Temperature- N/A
  • Price Point- $140.00

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Take your time to decide which fridge is right for you. Buying a refrigerator can be a huge investment. There are so many refrigerators on the market.

You need to narrow down your search by deciding on a type of fridge and determining the necessary qualities. Even then, there are numerous options.

Spend time researching and shopping around before you make the purchase.

Your choice of fridge will allow or limit the activity within your man cave. So, choose your man cave refrigerator wisely.