Man Cave Décor – Our Top 10 Picks!

Need a few ideas about how to brighten up that dreary space in your garage?

How about a way to spruce up the extra room in your house?

Better yet, are you going to make it into a man cave?

That’s a super idea! You absolutely should do that, but do you know how?

This is not a dig at your interior decorating skills, just a polite suggestion that you take a look at our top picks to see what you could potentially install in that man cave.

So, it can absolutely be a struggle to know what goes into a great man cave.

But that’s where we come in. We have combed through the best stuff at Amazon you can think of.

And in doing so, we have curated an impeccably cool list of stuff you can use to make your man cave great.

1. Live for Opening Day Sign

The first item is for hunters that want to decorate their man cave.

Hunting man cave decor Like this is going to tell everybody you mean business, and definitely help you start some conversations with your buddies about what you’ve hunted in the past and what you hope to hunt in the future.

It is a pretty good quality sign, too, made of sheet metal. You can pretty much put it anywhere and it will look darn good. Made in America also.

The price is pretty affordable, under $20, so we all can afford this for ourselves or a fellow hunter who needs a birthday gift.

No matter if your friend or family member is a fan of shooting turkeys or hunting deer, you can be sure they will get a kick out of this great sign. And you get other motives too, you have about 9 to choose from!

After all, we all know some guys at work who take days off for hunting, so the excitement of a new season is real, and this sign shows it.

2. Four Piece 12 Gauge Shotgun Coasters With Base

Don’t let the guys muck up the tables when they are in the man cave!

I have some cool end tables that were in my grandfather’s room before he passed, and I use them because they are such good quality.

But I do not want to leave water rings on them! That’s where cool coasters like this come into play.

Many guys the world over would love these coasters. It sure beats putting your drinks on old magazines or placing it on the floor where somebody can knock them over.

These really look sharp when you get them in your hands, too. They are cast in gold resin, and they have an authentic design about them. The base is gold and red, very sharp.

The coasters also have feet on them. This means they will stay put on the table and will not scratch them, either.

Indeed, it is a cool way to deck out your man cave if you are big into hunting, or just enjoy firearms in general.

Plus, you can just pass out the beers without worrying if this will be the end of days for your beloved coffee or end table.

And with the neat 12-gauge design, your friends are sure to give you some compliments on your good taste and unique style.

3. Fisherman’s Rules Sign

I really love to fish, and the days I spent with my friends in high school fishing and generally joking around on the weekends are some of my favorite ones.

Even when I was going to graduate school, I told myself that a weekend away with my friends would be my “grad party” up at the lake.

I had that party, and while I hardly caught anything it was nice to be with friends and have some beers.

Good memories of the times you had fishing with your dad, grandpa or just yourself will come back when you post this sign in your man cave.

You can hang it using poster strips or use tack nails to post it. It is brightly colored and vibrant but not obnoxious by any means. It is humorous too, especially the “Tell Your Own Lies” part.

It is a great piece of sturdy tin, so no need to worry about it ripping over time or when you need to move it.

I was embarrassed at first at not catching anything. But now I just laugh about it. Can’t say I did that at first. Either way, everybody’s got their “fisherman’s tales”!

Either way, the point of this piece of decor is to enjoy it and smile about it. It will definitely make for a nice piece of fishing decor for the man cave that you and your friends will smile about.

4. What happens in the man cave, stays in the man cave

What happens in the man cave, stays in the man cave is a great sign for your man cave. This sign is both fun and will remain your friends to shut up.

This affordable sign is Amazon’s choice for both pricing and quality. It’s a good choice and is easy to mount with pre-drilled holes.

And you have 3 other signs to choose from also, so check it out.

5. Bear Shower Curtain Set

Got a bathroom near your man cave? Or, are you lucky enough to have one attached to your man cave? You’re gonna have to deck that bathroom out too.

Don’t worry, we have a really good idea for this particular category. Man cave bathroom decor does not have to be seashells and beaches.

This is a funny but awesome shower curtain that is sure to have your mates laughing when they see it. It’s a dude punching a bear.

Yeah, I know, unrealistic to fight a bear. But hey, can’t say we haven’t thought about what we would do if we encountered one!

I will be honest, I don’t know a darn thing about how to fight a bear, but this guy on the shower curtain does. This curtain measures 71 x 74 inches and fits just about any standard bathtub or shower.

If you shower in the bathroom near your man cave every day, this will really get your blood pumping. You can really tackle that workout, close that sales deal, or ask that lovely gal out for a coffee if this guy on the curtain can fight a darn bear.

All jokes aside, this shower curtain’s colors are lovely and vibrant. You can toss it right in the washing machine every now and again to wash it with ease.

You will need a shower curtain liner to go with it, but that’s a small price to pay for this cool curtain!

6. Knight Toilet Paper Hold

After you’ve gotten finished wrasslin’ that bear, it may be time to head to the restroom and relieve yourself. Never fear about running out of toilet paper-this knight has you covered.

It is a nice send-up from old, boring toilet paper holders. It is a cool and yet funny toilet paper dispenser, perfect for any bathroom that could use a good burst of humor.

This one also holds a nice jumbo roll of toilet paper, so don’t fear if you think you have to put little dinky rolls of TP on here. It’s just a good and funny piece of man cave bathroom decor.

7. Vintage Metal Wall Signs for your garage

It’s time to decorate your garage. Here you have 6 vintage garage signs to choose from and they are amazons choices for both price and high quality.

The size is perfect at 8 x 12 inches and easy to mount with pre-drilled holes.

8. Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator 

You need a beverage refrigerator so you and your friends don’t need to walk to the kitchen. Who wants to get up and walk. When I’m to my friend, I hate walking down the stairs and to the kitchen to get my beer. I also need to say something to his wife since she is usually in the living room.

If he bought this beverage refrigerator, I don’t have to leave the room and I could still be part of the conversation. You also can look at how many cans you have left.

If you want more choices, take a look at our man cave refrigerator post.

9. SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

Love sport? Then you and your friends can take a break and do some basketball. You have several types to choose from, but this one is glow in the dark that adds some extra fun. Especially in a darker man cave.

It’s a fun exercise and you and your friends have something to do when the talk is a bit slow. I’m not a very talking person, so I love to have something to do while having company. I assume I’m not alone.

It’s easy to mount to the wall with its clips and people are loving it.

10. Neon Signs for the Gamer

Have a gamer man cave or love gaming? I usually play games and would love a sign like this. And it will light up your room and be very decorative that your friends will ask about it.

Whether you are a PC gamer or console gamer, you will love this neon sign.

It’s easy to install with a hook and uses USB power.

Benefits of Man Cave Decor

The benefits of man cave decor are numerous!

  • A space for you and your friends to hang out and just be yourself.
  • The ability to relax in a space full of carefully curated objects, signs and pieces that you chose yourself.
  • An environment that promotes creativity, good laughs and good friendship.
  • It creates a comfortable place to relax after a long workday.

Who Needs This Decor?!

Every guy needs it. After all, it is most common that women do the decorating around the house and while they do a great job at it, it is not reflective of men at large.

Men need a space to be creative, hang with friends and just be themselves.

Decorating your man cave is great for men of all ages, whether they are boys just learning how to fish or retirees, enjoying golf, naps and time with the family whenever they feel like it.

If you want to see more wall sign, check out this post.

Common Side Effects of Man Cave Decor!

This is what could happen if you pick up any of these great items:

  • Friends may come over more often than usual.
  • You will have nothing to complain about when it comes to remembering which is the fan and which is the light.
  • Your friends are going to ask “where did you find…” when they see any of these objects.
  • You will see these items at your friends’ places.

These man cave decor items are fantastic, and every man who needs to spruce up their space should give them a try.

They look great anywhere in the house but putting them in your man cave makes them even better.

Every item is useful and fun and captures the interests of men young and old everywhere.