Awesome Man Cave Wall Decor- For Any Theme or Style

There is really only one way to create an epic man cave. What is the best way to do it? Find awesome wall decor.

The wall decor will set the stage of your man cave, it will create an atmosphere, and set the tone. That makes it extremely important to find unique, attention-grabbing man cave wall decor.

What’s Up, Matthew Rice here, and I’m sharing the different types of wall decor you need to create an awesome man cave.

I chose at least one item from each of the following categories when I decorated my own bar– themed man cave. I suggest you do the same.

Man Cave Wall Clocks

Who needs to be concerned with the time when they are chilling in a man cave? Well, time is money, and the world revolves around money.

So, in short, everyone is always concerned about the time. That’s why it is important to find an intriguing clock that will remind everyone why they should kick back and relax.

Trademark 12.75-Inch Pool Rack Quartz Clock with Solid Wood Frame

For the Game Room– Place this clock in your man cave. It’s great for any man cave with a pool table or bar theme.

For the Sports Enthusiast– This man cave wall clock will fit any sports theme, especially football. Don’t worry about the team, you can choose a different NFL team if you don’t care for the Brown’s.

For the Auto Mechanic in YOU– This clock is awesome. It would be perfect for a car themed man cave, but honestly this clock is so cool I would put it in any room.

Man Cave Posters and Man Cave Wall ArtM-Mount Whiskey Vintage Tin Sign Beer Vintage Fun Bar Food Man Cave Beach Sign Metal Poster Board Style Wall Decoration Gift Garage Dinner Cafe Art Iron 12X8
This is the most cost-effective way to decorate your man cave. Paper products are usually cheaper than most other materials.

I would suggest utilizing a lot of these types of items and sparingly add in a few man cave wall decor items from the other categories.

Wall Art for the Bar– This piece of wall art displays some of the most popular types of liquor. It would be the perfect decoration for the wall behind the bar.

NBA Legends Lebron James, Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant Wall Art Decor Framed Print | 24x36 Premium (Canvas/Painting Like) Textured Poster | Basketball Fan Memorabilia Gifts for Guys & Girls Bedroom
This print is sure to spark conversation. The art print hosts three of the best basketball players of all time. Sounds like a recipe for debates over who is THE best of all time.

Golfing Poster– If you like golf, this is a great poster for your man cave. It’s unique too, most man cave, sports decor is centered around football and basketball.

Sport T-Shirts and Jerseys

This is a really easy way to personalize your man cave. There are a few ways you can utilize your old sports t’s or jersey to decorate your space.

You can purchase professional team jersey and t-shirts online or use your own.

  1. Frame It and Hang It– This is for college and professional jerseys. You can purchase jerseys from Amazon or other retailers. Wear them to games, maybe you can even get it signed. Frame your favorite jerseys, especially if you got them signed, and hang them in your man cave.
  1. Create a Throw Blanket– Do you still have your own sports t’s or sports related t’s purchased from your child’s team? These old t-shirts can be sewn together into a decorative throw blanket. Place it over the back of the couch in your man cave to provide your own personal touch to your space.
  1. Cover a Pillow for Decoration– You can use your old sports t-shirts or even old jerseys to cover a square pillow. Fold it around the pillow and sew the shirt. Use the pillow as decoration on your counters.

Man Cave Wall Sign and Man Cave Wall Decal

Coors Light Racing Wall Decal Sticker 22" x 22"

Choosing from thousands of man cave wall signs can be really difficult and time- consuming, but it’s possible.

Utilizing a man cave wall decal could really take your space to new heights. Consider these three wall decals for your man cave.

Racing Bar Decal- This decal is perfect for any racing lover’s man cave. The decal reads, Coors Light Racing, and contains a picture of the checkered flag. Seems perfect for a wall near the bar.

Hunting and Fishing Quote Decal– This decal is perfect for any hunter’s or fisher’s man cave. The quote is complete with a picture of bass and buck. Can you picture this decal in your space?

Poker Decal– This decal features the Ace of Clubs and the words, The Poker Room. Place it in the part of your man cave where you tend to play cards. The ideal place would be above a poker table.

Man Cave Wood Walls and Man Cave Brick Walls

Most of the walls inside homes are drywall. The walls in your man cave are likely drywall too. Even if you’ve turned your garage into a man cave.

The stone walls are easily covered by drywall. Lucky for you that drywall can be easily customized. You ultimately have three different options.

  1. Paint the Wall– This is the least expensive option. Simply visit a home goods store and purchase your chosen color of paint and a few tools. Bring home the supplies and paint.
  1. Utilize Tiles– This is a really great option, though it can be a little pricey. There are so many different kinds of tile to choose from. The best options for a man cave would be wood wall tiles and brick wall tiles.
  1. Place Paneling– The option I chose for my own man cave. Incredibly easy to do. It’s a little more expensive than painting, but less expensive than tiles. Simply stick the panels onto your walls. The hardest thing you may need to do is trim the panel to fit as you reach the corner of the room and approach the floor.


There are so many creative ways to personalize your space. The man cave wall decor you place in your space, should draw attention and begin conversations.

The decor should make your space stand apart from the rest. You create an epic man cave by using awesome man cave wall decor.