Tips For Making A Man Cave

Hey, I’m Jake and I’ve just completed renovating my man cave. The space is ready, all it needs is some furniture and decorations, or does it?

I don’t understand how to make the space into a man cave. What makes it a man cave instead of a rec area? How can I make it into a man cave.

I want to make an epic man cave that all of my friends will love hanging out in. When I think about a man cave, I think about playing pool, drinking at a bar, and watching football.

If I can do those three things in my man cave, will it make the space an official man cave?

I set out to find the answers to my questions, and I plan on sharing them with you. As I searched for answers, I found some other interesting information too.

Rec Room or Man Cave?

Rec room is to man cave, as root beer is to beer. Does that analogy make sense? Basically, a rec room is typically used by teens and older children to hang out and relax.

Which is exactly what a man cave is for, except grown men hang out and relax in a man cave. A man cave could even be described as an R rated rec room.

A few other differences are based on what the rooms are used for. Man caves are typically used for activities such as,
  • Drinking
  • Watching Sports
  • Smoking Cigars
A few of the similarities are also based on what the room is used for. Both man cave’s and recreational rooms are typically used for,
  • Playing Games
  • Hanging Out
  • Television

Making A Man Cave: What You May Need

If you are planning to turn a recreational area into man cave, you will need to do a few things before you begin, the following things are extremely helpful when making a man cave.

  • Install Plumbing– You will need this for a faucet in the bar, or for a bathroom.
  • Check Electric Restrictions– This is imperative. You need to know if the room can support a refrigerator or at least a mini fridge.
  • Find Studs– You’ll need to know where the studs are when you go to hang shelving or place decorations.
  • Place Shelving– Put shelving in the desired locations before doing anything else.

To make a man cave, you will need the following things.

They are not necessarily needed but will be the focus of the room.

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  • A Bar– This will be a great addition whenever you have friends over. Most men dream of having their own bar in their own man cave.
  • A Flat screen TV– Will be a focal point of any party. You will need this item if you ever decide to host a Superbowl party.
  • A Comfy Couch– You and your friends will be grateful for the addition of a comfortable couch that you can sink into to relax.
  • A Game Table– Whether it’s pool, pinball, or air hockey, nothing creates the atmosphere of a man cave faster than the spirit of competition.

What Makes A Man Cave?

When you think of a man cave, what comes to mind? Drinking or smoking? Hanging out with the guys? Maybe your picture is really simple.

You are just sitting on the couch, drinking a cold beer, while watching your favorite sports team on the television.

What kind of feeling arise as you are thinking? Do you feel relaxed? Like a man?

To make your man cave into a man’s cave you need to create an atmosphere. An atmosphere of relaxation and male bravado.

The best way to do this is,

  • Decorate– Use sports, cars, and alcohol-based decor to make your man cave stand apart.
  • Furnish– If you want your man cave to be comfortable, you will need the right furnishings. Whether it’s a soft couch or cold fridge, furniture makes your space more comfortable.
  • Stock– You can’t have a man cave without alcohol. Stock the bar with your favorite whiskey’s or fill the fridge with your brand of beer.
  • Party– Invite your friends over and have a good time. This is THE best way to make your place feel like a man cave.


Now that I’ve figured out how to make a man cave, I’d better get to it. You probably should to. Hopefully these findings will help you in your endeavor to create your own man cave and allow you to give it the atmosphere you are looking for.