The 5 Best Kinds of Man Cave Signs

There are thousands of signs created for every kind of man cave imaginable. How are we supposed to choose? We want something unique, something that will stand out.

A sign that will draw eyes and prompt questions. Do signs like that exist? If so, where can we find them?

Eric Thompson here, and I’ve compiled a list of my favorite man cave signs. After scouring through stores and online marketplaces I found the ideal sign for my man cave.

This list contains all of the awesome signs I considered when shopping for my man cave decor.

Here are other witty man cave wall decors you will love: 

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1.Funny Man Cave Signs

Everybody loves a good laugh. A funny man cave sign will do just that. All of your friends should be cracking up.

Personally, I don’t do raunchy, so here are a few hilarious signs that are sure to make everyone laugh without the added raunch.

Man Cave Rules Top 10 Gameroom Bar Pub Novelty Tin Sign

Every man cave needs a sign that lists funny rules. This sign does just that, while emphasizing that the space is for manly men.

This sign is great. It draws attention to the three things everyone wants, fast, good, and cheap services. It quickly gives you a reality check by stating that it’s only possible to get two of the three things.

Perfect for any retired man’s man cave. The sign hints that the man’s wife wants him to go back to work. I wonder why, probably because they are driving each other crazy. As luck would have it, there’s a man cave for you to hide in!

2.Little Man Cave Signs

Man Cave Decor Welcome to The Man Cave, Eat, Drink and Be Lazy - 5 x 10 inch Hanging, Wall Art, Decorative Wood Sign Home Decor, Man Cave Signs and Decor

Small man cave signs with correct placement can have a big impact on decor. The little man cave sign may be teensy but it’s worth a lot.

Plus, these signs can fit into tiny places. An example? The space between the top of a doorway and the ceiling, or the area between a counter and the cabinets.

You are sure to find a great man cave sign out of the following little signs.

This sign is great because it’s less than six inches tall and wooden. That’s small enough to fit between the ceiling and the top of the doorway. This sign could be used at the entrance of your man cave.

At less than nine inches tall, this light up sign would be perfect for any small shelving space you have available. It looks awesome and lights up too. The sign could also fit on the top of any cabinets you have.

The sign is taller than most of the other signs, but it is less than six inches wide. This will allow the sign to fit beside doorways where there is little amount of space available for decor.

3.Wooden Man Cave Signs

Wooden signs are great! They are durable and they’ll never become outdated. Classic and manly, these wooden man cave signs will give your space the air of manliness it needs.

Wooden signs will fit onto any canvas. Whether you have a sports, hunting, or bar-type theme the wooden signs will fit right in.

Wincraft Collegiate Fan Shop Authentic NCAA Fan Cave Wooden Sign (Ohio State Buckeyes)

As an Ohioan, I love that they have this sign for the Buckeyes! They have it available for other teams as well. This authentic NCAA wooden sign is perfect for you man cave. Make it clear to everyone, what team is supported in your space!

This sign is a classic. It can be found in many bars and restaurants throughout the United States. The sign is easily recognizable and could even be sentimental. Making it the perfect addition to your man cave.

I really like this sign because it’s unique. There are not as many man cave signs for skiing, as there are for sports like football. If you love to ski this is the perfect sign for your man cave!

4.Custom Man Cave Signs

Suppose you haven’t found the sign you’ve been looking for. Custom man cave signs may be the route to go.

If you order or create a custom man cave sign, you will have complete control over the material, wording, and design.

This is a great route to take if you are really struggling to find a man cave sign you like. It will be more expensive to get a custom sign than any other kind on the list.

The sign can be designed any way you like. The background can be customized and so can the wording. Making this sign entirely customizable.

You begin customizing your metal plate, man cave sign by deciding what it should say. The sign can host your name, a saying, or even a favorite joke. Order this custom metal plate however you will like.

Doesn’t everyone love those funny, beware signs? Most of them host a hilarious and sarcastic saying. This one will contain any words you choose; I suggest choosing a saying more original than, Beware of Dog.

5.Personalized Man Cave Signs

Personalized man cave signs will be different from a custom man cave sign in the following ways.

First, there will probably be a set design. Second you will likely only have control of one aspect of the sign.

Basically, you will get a lot more control over a custom sign than a personalized one. Personalized signs are a great when you want the sign to specify who is mentioned in the sign.

This personalized man cave sign is totally awesome. Get your name engraved and the year you created your man cave. The sign is a light-colored wood and would be perfect for the wall of any man’s cave.

Perfect sign for any football lover. All of the text is entirely customizable. Personalize it with your name and the year you created your man cave or purchased the sign.

This sign is shaped like an old state route sign. Insert your name into the text. This sign is perfect if you have already created an awesome garage man cave.


Which man cave sign are you going to choose? Consider these personalized man cave signs, free shipping is included. Whichever sign you choose, it’s sure to attract attention.

They are all great options, but personally, I prefer wooden signs. They have a rustic, outdoorsy look to them and to me, that screams man cave.