Personalized Man Cave – Personalizing Your Personal Space

Hi! It’s Andrei, again…

I’ve gotten to a point in life that what I needed most to unwind wasn’t a vacation but having a space in your house that’s fully intended to help you unwind and relax after a long day at work.

During the entire process of building my personal space and purchasing the essentials that my man cave needed through man cave stores, I’ve realized that buying items that suit my style wasn’t enough.

To fully have my man cave personalized, I’ve discovered that I needed to customize some things that would fully make the space scream me.

Personalizing Your Man Cave

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Nothing screams yours than a personalized and customized space that’s of your preference, styles and items handpicked by you.

But another great thing to fully personalize everything is if the items themselves were also designed by you.

Unsurprisingly, the internet would lead you to sites that allow you to customize your own signage designs and other accessories that you can’t handcraft on your own.

Personalizing a man cave isn’t solely in the items that you have around the room that would give a vibe that tells the people coming in that it’s yours.

The room itself has to be yours and has to tell people that. From the walls to the floors down to the signage that you put as décor, it has to tell the world that this is your space.

Personalize Your Wall

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Ever heard of freedom walls?

Now, think of a freedom wall and imagine that a part of the wall in your man cave is turned into that where you’re free to write whatever you want and you can even have your friends write anything on it too.

Or maybe you can make one wall as a chalkboard where you’re allowed to get in touch with the artist within you– if there is an artist within you.

Or maybe you can put on a wall décor that can be a conversation starter? It can be an abstract painting or something entirely different and out of the box but would also speak about your personality.

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The reason why I’m pressing so much on wall designs or décor is that the moment people would come in your man cave, the first thing they see within eye level is your wall so you better have a cool wallpaper or wall décor set up for them to compliment.

So, if you’re artistic, you can create your own paintings and hang them up or if you have an affinity for photography, then maybe you can develop the film from your camera and create an entire wall that’s dedicated to the pictures you’ve taken.

Or if you’re athletic or academically blessed, then maybe you can have an entire shelf that showcased your awards.

Heck, even plastering posters would be great as long as it screams one thing: you.

Other Personalized Accessories

Aside from personalized man cave décor that’s hanged or incorporated into your wall, you can also add your personal touch on the decorations littered around the room.

You can have a bar installed if the place is spacious enough for one or you have basketball shaped lamps if you’re a big basketball fan or you can have wooden barrels used as tables if you’re into the rustic cowboy vibe too.

But if there’s another thing I can think of that truly speaks of customization, it’s personalized man cave signs.

One quick search in the internet and you’re led to websites that would allow you to create your own personalized man cave sign and sometimes, these personalized signs are freely shipped if you’re lucky enough to find one.

And speaking of personalized signs, you can use this as wall décor.

I’ve previously mentioned about a wall that’s intended as a blackboard or as a photography wall of every shot you took on your camera so what about dedicating one part of the wall into personalized signs.

You can write whatever random thing you can think of, have it printed on a sign and fill the entire space with random signs.

And if you have a pretty good sense of humor, chances are, the people coming into the room would laugh right away because of the things that you’ve put on it.

Oh and if you’re wondering where you can buy these items, well, the internet is one way to get some items personalized.

And you can actually DIY some wall decors when you’re crafty, but there are also man cave stores that offer you just the right items you need that meets your personal style and taste.

One you’ve managed to create a space that speaks of your character and personality, the moment you go in someone else’s man cave, you would consider yours the best simply because it’s yours.


When it comes to personalizing your man cave space, make sure that you know your personal style and preference and you know what you’re going to do.

The reason why having it personalized is a great idea is because that it’s your space and no one’s going to use it but you, might as well have a space that you’re most comfortable with.