Man Cave Stuff – Interesting Ideas

If you’re like me – you have a man cave or you’re looking to build one. My name is Jeff and I pride myself on how my man cave is different and better than those my friends have.

Mancaves are important because they provide a place to relax with friends away from family.

Usually what ends up happening as we get older is, we spend more time with our wives and family and less time with our friends, man caves help facilitate this time together.

Personalized Flasks

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Personalized flasks are a must-have and can be a fun rite of passage.

All your friends who frequently visit should have their own personalized flask filled upon arrival, and empty before departure.

If your friend group is accepting a new co-worker or a new friend into the group, it can be made official once they receive their own personalized flask in your cave!

These also are great as gifts.

Work on A Car

Restoring a car with your friends is sure to help you bond and sure to make your mancave exciting.

Restoring a classic car will not only give you a great car in your garage but also your friends can say they helped to build it.

The sense of pride men get from fixing things is unlike any other.

You will also learn a lot about cars when you must restore one, this will give you something to talk about with strangers!

It also will give you a space to fix your everyday car if something goes wrong with it.

Give Your Mancave a Vintage Look

Giving your mancave a vintage look can set it apart from those of your friends.

Putting vintage furniture, a vintage wooden hand-crafted bar, and other antique themed things make it feel authentic.

It definitely is an experience and will give your man cave a great look. Consider looking at thrift stores for antique furniture or even hand-crafted furniture made in Amish country!

Get a Workbench

Having a workbench in your mancave is a great idea. Not only is your mancave a place for entertainment but it can also be a place for creating.

The best creative thoughts come when you’re the least stressed, and what place are you less stressed than your sanctuary?

Your friends can help you work on some projects on the workbench and you guys can create new things together! You can use this to craft cool stuff to put in your mancave.

Brew Your Own Beer

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Brewing your own beer can be exciting and a great project for you and your buddies.

If you do it by yourself, you can show them the amazing –or maybe not so amazing creations you’ve made, and you guys can either enjoy it or laugh at it.

If they want to work on it together it will be a great bonding experience and enjoyable, because after all, who doesn’t like beer?

Support Local, Buy Local

It’s always nice to support local businesses if you enjoy their work. It also creates for a lot of talking pieces if your man cave is stuffed with local products.

You can explain every item in detail to them and perhaps even bring more business to your local friends.

Use Nature

Using nature in your man cave gives it a unique element. If you live in a city, it also gives us what we crave being humans- a connection with nature.

This is why hiking is a thing and why people like going to the beach. Humans love to be connected with nature, incorporate this idea into your mancave.

It also will make your man cave more friendly to the occasional woman who comes to visit, as it is a shared interest as opposed to sports.

Mini Hunting Cabin

One of the most unique types of mancaves is the kind you build yourself that is not attached to your house.

If you have a large amount of property that you can go hunting on consider building a man cave somewhere on it.

It can be a hunting cabin/man cave. Not only is this unique but it is definitely a nice getaway.

Beer Barrell Bed

Imagine a bed inside of a giant beer barrel –is that not the coolest thing you’ve ever imagined?

If I was drunk and there was a giant beer barrel I could walk in to and fall asleep, I would be ecstatic. You can actually find one here for only 139$.

Make a Dart Board

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Making a dartboard will ensure that you will have something to do while you and your buddies are drinking.

You guys could start your own dart tournaments, leagues, even make up your own dart games.

You can make your own dartboard for relatively cheap, and it would be a fun project to embark on.

Try to Create Everything

One interesting idea for a man cave is one that is entirely man-made. You can have your friends help you or you can do it by yourself!

Either way it would be an amazing story to tell about. If every piece of furniture and every surface in there was made by you, you’d have unlimited bragging rights.

Make a Pool Table a Different Shape

If you want to be unique you can make a circular pool table or a pool table that’s a perfect square.

This is sure to change the game up and make it more interesting for you and your friends.

You guys can create a special drinking game out of the circular table, perhaps each pocket is a different type of shot.

Every shot made into that pocket you have to take the shot that’s associated with it.


You want your man cave to be as unique as you. You also want your man cave to be a bonding experience for you and your friends and a getaway from stress.

With these amazing ideas you will be sure to have an interesting and great man cave!

Don’t forget to invite friends to help you build it along the way, that makes the process more fun and the process faster!