How to Make a Man Cave

Most men dream of having a place away from their families where them and their friends can hang out. Often this place ends up being a bar, a sporting event, or an arcade.

What if I told you that you could have all those things in your own home?

What if I told you it was easy if you had the money?

If you’re still interested, you’ll want to read the rest of this, because in this article I will explain How to Make a Man Cave.


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There are few places where neon is acceptable in 2019 without it looking tacky and Man Caves are one of them.

Along with being a slight novelty here are also so many ways you could use it as well! You could write your name with them, have neon signs of your favorite beers, of your favorite sports teams, anything really.

On top of being able to show your love for a certain team or beer they also will give your man cave a vintage feel and look great over a bar.

Not everyone will agree but neon signs are almost a must-have depending on the style of man cave you’ve made. Remember to have fun with it!


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Guys are funny, if you have two sports fans in a room and they know nothing else about each other -they can still talk to each other for hours over one topic.

What’s manlier than sports?

If you’re a sports fan hang pictures of signed jerseys, footballs, baseballs, hockey sticks, etc. all over the walls of your man cave.

It’s also nice to put your sports memorabilia down in the man cave because it’s likely that your wife won’t appreciate them being in your shared bedroom.

Make it Soundproof

The last thing you’d want to have in your sanctuary is a feeling that you can’t be as loud as you want.

You don’t want to be telling your friends to quiet down during the big game because you’re afraid you will disturb people in the other room.

Soundproofing the room has other benefits as well! You can start a band, teach your kid how to play the drums, or do a podcast in there.

Soundproofing a room isn’t terribly expensive either so it should be possible!


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Knowing how to decorate a man cave is possibly the most important part of it.

Without entertainment what’s the point?

You get a man cave to have a place away from your family where you can do things you ENJOY. If it was just a place to get away from your family, you could get that for free: by walking outside.

Most man caves are not complete without a large flat-screen TV, a bar, a pool table, things like these.

Anything that you can do that you and your buddies will have a good time doing is what you’ll need in the cave.

Pick a Theme

Every good room has a theme, this is no different for the man cave.

Most man caves have a wooden/antique theme where everything is made from wood and there are antique ornaments lying around.

Other man caves are sports themed and will have the walls covered with sports memorabilia or collectibles.

One of my favorite man cave themes are musical themes where you and your buddies can have a band in your basement without disturbing the neighbors.

Put. A. Bar. In. It.

If you don’t have a bar in your man cave are you even trying?

What good is a man cave without a bar? Get a piece of granite and some wood and you can make yourself a bar.

Then get some more wood and make some shelves and boom. Now you have a legit bar in your own house to impress your friends but most importantly to serve them drinks with class.

You and your buddies want to get a drink but are low on funds?

Don’t worry, you have a fully functional bar in your basement.

I have never heard one story of someone regretting installing a bar in their home.


Building a man cave is like building any room of the house. You must think to yourself: what is this room’s purpose? What do I need to fulfill that purpose?

And how do I get it. The man caves purpose is a sanctuary away from family with his friends, you will need things that keep you and your friends happy, and once you learn what you need then you can go get it.

I hope this has helped and good luck building your Man Cave! You can also learn how to build one here!