Best Man Cave Lights

Need to find the coolest light ideas for your man cave? Look no further. Check out my article on finding the best man cave lighting fixtures for you.

Just because it is called a man cave does not mean it should be lit like dark and dingy space. I found that without decent enough lighting I could barely enjoy my own man cave as it is.

So, I knew I needed to do something unique to my man cave light features.

Hi, I’m Caleb, and I am thrilled to share with you my ventures into finding the perfect man cave lighting fixtures.

There are so many types of lighting types out there, it can get overwhelming. That’s why I wanted to share the most useful and unique methods I discovered.

What to Consider in A Man Cave Light Fixture?

When it comes to lighting your man cave, there are few things you have to take into consider.

The style of man cave lighting fixtures you choose depends greatly on what will occupy your man cave.

For example, if you have a kitchenette or bar area in your man cave, you might consider having bright man cave ceiling lights to ensure safety and care when preparing food and drinks.

You might also want to use cool man cave neon lights to backlight your television. Or, if your walls are full of memorabilia, you might need lights that highlight them.

Once you figure out the areas that need the lighting, you can design your man cave lighting plan from there.

What You Should Avoid in A Man Cave Light Fixture

If there is one thing you should avoid using in lighting your man cave, you should avoid using fluorescent light bulbs.

Fluorescent light bulbs tend to give off a colder light in closed spaces and take a while to warm up.

Moreover, they do not dim as smoothly as incandescent lights.

Additionally, fluorescent lights can have the issue of excessive flickering and buzzing, which can be annoying in your man cave.

The Different Types of Man Cave Lights

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There are a wide variety of cool man cave lighting techniques that can elevate your man cave to “the” man cave.

Here are the different types of lighting that are best for a man cave:

TV Backlighting

If you spend long hours watching television down in your man cave, you might find your eyes straining due to the lack of lighting.

The dimmer the lights get the harder it is for your eyes to tell the difference between the tv and the wall. Backlighting can easily fix this while giving your television a cool and unique pop.

Display Lighting

If you have a great collection of sports memorabilia, you will need track lighting to highlight it.

Track lighting will light specific sections of your man cave, drawing attention to the places you want it.

Dimmable, Recess Lighting

Having dimmable lighting is important if you want to go from bar lighting to movie theatre lighting in no time.

Moreover, it can save you money on your electric bill and improve the longevity of your light bulbs.

Bar Backlighting

Adding lights to the underside of your bar or on your bar shelves is a great way to add character and personality to your man cave.

You can even use a variety of colors to set a certain tone.

Get Creative with LED Rope Lights

All of the aforementioned lighting types can be achieved through normal man cave ceiling lights or pendant lights.

However, LED lights are a budget-friendly lighting method that can give your entire man cave a hip, modern edge and emphasize your personal aesthetic.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate LED lighting into your man cave:

  • Memorabilia Cabinet and Shelves
  • Pool & Poker Table
  • Bar Lighting
  • Create a Custom Sign

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Each of these areas could benefit greatly from a colored LED rope light. It can bring an extra touch of style and excitement to your man cave.

They are easy to install and you can even find some LED rope lights that can be remotely controlled by an app on your smartphone.

This way you can easily switch between light colors, and even set special lighting schemes.

More Budget-Friendly Man Cave Light Options

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Other than LEDs, there are a few other cool man cave lighting options that will be kind to your wallet.

A fun lamp is an easy way to achieve more lighting while also expressing more of your creativity.

You could easily go with a hula girl lamp or a lamp with your favorite sports team on it. Or you could make on yourself. Here is a great tutorial on making your own bottle lamp.

Another route is to go with candles. Manly candles are a particularly great lighting source because it creates a very specific and peaceful ambiance.

Not to mention their strictly masculine scents can make your man cave more inviting and cover up any unfortunate scents.

Quirky Man Cave Light Fixture Ideas

If you want more cool man cave lighting ideas, check out this list:

Any of these lighting ideas are great for giving your man cave a modern and eclectic personality.

You could always stick to the classic lighting techniques, but why not reinvent what defines a masculine man cave with these quirky and cool lighting fixtures.

Not to mention these setups are aesthetic ways to make the most out of your space.


So, there you have it! A quick and easy guide to finding the right man cave lighting fixtures for you.

There are a variety of ways you can light your man cave. However, always keep in mind the personality of your man cave and what you want to keep in it.

From there, your creativity can turn your man cave into the most exciting room in your house.