An Epic Man Cave Bathroom

You’ve finally convinced your wife to give in and allow you to create a man cave, but you are at a loss for ideas.

The man cave is completed, but the bathroom has barely been touched. You are in desperate need of man cave bathroom ideas for an epic man cave.

In addition to ideas, you will need man cave bathroom decor. Lucky for you I’ve got you covered!

I’m Austin Myers and I discovered hundreds of bathroom decorations for man caves while browsing the internet.

I used a few of these on my own bathroom, but I wanted to share my favorite ideas with you.

Man Cave Bathroom Decor

The best way to create an epic man cave is to allow the decorations to flow throughout the space.

Including the bathroom. Use the following ideas to decorate your man cave bathroom.


Whiskey Barrel Vanity
Whiskey Bourbon Barrel Vanity Sink Flat Back
Use a large whiskey barrel and create a bathroom vanity. It can be easily transformed by cutting the top to fit a sink basin inside. The piping can go through the barrel and exit through a hole in the back.

Beer Keg Urinal

You will need some special tools for this one. Basically, the idea is to cut the front out of the beer keg. Leaving the top-bottom and backside of the keg in place. Cut holes where the plumbing features should be. Find one on

Beer Tap Faucet

This is probably more simply said than done. Replace the faucet handles with beer taps. Engrave a ‘C’ and ‘H’ on the respective handles.


Retro Man Cave Decor Old Motorcycle Parked Beside The Red Brick Wall Bath Rugs Non-Slip Doormat Floor Entryways Indoor Front Door Mat Kids Bath Mat 15.7x23.6in Bathroom Accessories

Fishing Net Floor Mat

Purchase some fishing net and a floor mat in your desired color. After you bring them home attach the fishing net to the mat so that it covers the top of it. You could probably sew the net into place. Click to see options

Car Wash Towels

Easiest idea on the list! Simply swap out your hand towels for the towels that you use to clean your car.

Manly Shower Curtains

This idea is fairly simple too. Visit a home goods store near you and pick out a set of shower curtains that scream man cave. Focus on cars, sports, and hunting/ fishing.

Wall Fixtures

License Plates

Attach license plates along the top of the wall. They will spice up the walls a little bit. You could also cover an entire wall in license plates, that would look really awesome!

Wrench Coat Hooks

The wrenches will need to be hot. Like sitting in a fire hot. You will need to carefully use metal tongs to shape the wrenches into coat hooks while they are hot. Be safe while doing so.

Tool Box Drawer Shelving

Remove the drawers from a tool box and drill holes in the back side. Use those holes to attach the drawers to the walls. Use them as shelves in whatever location you like.

Neon Lights

Big Daddy's Garage - Reproduction Vintage Advertising Marquee Sign - Battery Powered LED Neon Style Light - 17 x 10 x 3 Inches

Neon Tubing

Place the neon tubing along the floor next to the wall and wrap it around the room. This will create a very bar/ club atmosphere in your restroom. Plus, it will provide for some lighting. Find them on

Lettered Sign

Use a neon sign that says bathroom or man cave. Hang it outside the bathroom door, or even inside the door.


Place a neon arrow pointing towards the bathroom. If you have a large man cave or it’s dark, this will allow the bathroom to be found with significant ease.


FlowerBeads 5PCS Gas Motor Oil Antique Tin Signs, Vintage Garage Man Cave Retro Posters Bar Pub Wall Decor - 20X30cm
Man Cave

Place a sign that reads, “man cave,” outside the restroom door or inside the restroom. Both will create the same effect of the sign.


A sign stating where the bathroom is could be nice. Choose a sign that fits your theme and is easily put up and taken down. It could even be a sign that lights up.

Bathroom Rules

These types of signs can be really cool. Create your own rules and paint a sign or purchase a sign that states the rules you like. This could be a chance for you to add some comedic flare to your decor.


Thirsty Solutions - "Beer O' Clock" Rustic Wall Mounted Bottle Opener and Catcher - Dark Stain Pine with Zinc Alloy Opener - Removable Wooden Bucket - Man (or Woman) Cave Ready
Bottle Light

Drill a hole through the bottom of a bottle. Run the cord through the hole and down through the bottle. Attach the cord to a lightbulb and pull the cord tight. Super Glue it in place. These could be used above the sink or mirror. Just make three or four and attach them to the wall.

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Man Scented Candle

Yes, there are candles that come in the ‘Man Cave’ scent. Buy a few of them and place them on the shelves in your man cave bathroom.

Light- Up Signs

There are plenty of light- up signs available that are specifically meant for man caves. Use them to create some light in your bathroom.


Liquor Bottle Soap Dispenser

Clean the chosen bottle with soapy water, then fill the bottle with soap. Screw the soap dispenser lid onto the liquor bottle.


Mounting a flat screen onto the wall in your bathroom will allow you to continue watching the game as you use the restroom.

Tire Toilet Paper Holder

Use an old tire as a basket. Place toilet paper within the tire and place it in the corner of the restroom, but within reach of the toilet.

Themes to Consider

Life is Brewtiful Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher Wall Decor for Bar, Garage or Man Cave

There are so many decorations that will fit with this theme. Some examples? The whiskey and keg urinal. An alcohol theme also fits really well with a man cave, especially if you have a bar!

Buy one on


The tire toilet paper holder and toolbox shelves fit this theme perfectly. Yet another theme that fits the man cave persona, but it’s also really flexible with decorations.

Hunting and Fishing

There was only one decor idea listed that fits this theme, but I know you could think of more. There’s definitely something you could do with a fishing pole.


Use these man cave bathroom ideas and tips for man cave bathroom decor to spice up your bathroom. The feeling of manliness doesn’t have to end when you use the restroom.

Walk from your man cave to your restroom and continue to be surrounded by manly decorations. That should keep your head in the poker game.