10 Man Cave Gifts Every Guy Needs

Need some Man Cave gift ideas but not sure where to start?

I have got you covered. After all, there is a lot out there to choose from, but only a few gifts are going to be worthy of your guy’s man cave!

My name is Tom, and I know how hard it is to find a gift. Sometimes the guy you are shopping for has everything, like my own dad who always tells me he doesn’t need a thing anymore.

Sometimes you just meet those guys who seem like they don’t like much of anything, and you are never quite sure what to get them.

I think we all know guys like that! That’s where our man cave gift ideas come into play. I consider myself an expert in man cave gifting, but it wasn’t always that easy!

It is really a pain point sometimes to find a gift for a great guy in your life. So, that’s why we have decided to make this into a helpful guide. We dug around and found the coolest gift ideas for every guy.

Whether your person is into sports, beer, video games, cars, or something else, we know he will like these.

I discovered these great gifts by finding them on none other than Amazon! It is a great place to shop, and best of all, it just comes right to your door. You really can’t beat the convenience.

These are all gifts I have personal experience with, too-sometimes friends bought them and sometimes I did.

So, stay with us, and get some ideas to make the upcoming holidays and birthdays a heck of a lot easier!

The Top 10 Gifts Ideas For A Man Cave!

Garage Mini Fridge

RFR329-Red Garage Fridge Tool Box, 3.2 Cubic Feet, Red Is the man you are shopping for always working on a car, a mechanic by trade, or just really love car culture? If so, this mini fridge is going to deck out the man cave like never before.

It looks like a classic red tool chest, which many guys have or remember their dads or grandpas using back in the day.

It is a nice breath of fresh air in comparison to the other fridges that you sometimes get in a man cave, that mostly look like college fridges.

You can hold about 24 to 36 cases of beer in this particular fridge, depending on the brand.

For example, it is not hard at all to fit 36 cans of Bud Light in there, but it can be hard to fit that many bottles in there.

You can even put some sodas in there for the kids or the friends who do not drink. It holds enough for the whole gang to have their favorite brewski or soda pop, so don’t worry about running out.

It looks wonderful if your man cave is in a garage, and it is also great if your man cave is car-themed. The drinks definitely stay nice and cold.

One thing I would warn you about is that this fridge can dent easily. I own this fridge personally in my man cave and while you cannot see the dent due the placement of the fridge, this may be a bother to some people.

Bacon & Bourbon Candle

8oz Bacon & Bourbon Man Candle Hand poured 100% Soy Wax Scented Candle by Silver Dollar Candle Co. - Maple, Gifts for Men

My buddy at work had a good laugh about this one. His girlfriend seems to always be burning those “smelly candles”-the kind your wife or girlfriend probably loves.

So, we got him one of these at the Christmas party at our work. It is a nicely priced gift for your man if you are on a budget.

At only $16, this candle is something we all can afford. And, it smells like some stuff all guys enjoy: crispy hot bacon and smooth, delicious bourbon.

Indeed, our buddy said he liked burning it because his girlfriend could not figure out what the smell was. She enjoyed it, but it was funny watching her try to place the smell.

Indeed, it is a nice send-up from the flowery candles the ladies in our life burn, and it has a nice price point too. It makes a good cheap man cave gift idea if money is running a little tight this month.

One thing that I personally noticed about the candle was that it smells a little light. It is a fine candle, burns nicely, and smells good, but it could be a tad more “powerful” if you ask me.

I ended up getting one for my home, and while I would buy again, I hope the company improves its formula down the road.

Football Team FanMat

Here is a gift you really can’t go wrong with! Everybody needs a mat to place their shoes on before going into a man cave that’s inside the house.

FANMATS 14293 NFL Dallas Cowboys Nylon Universal Man Cave Starter Rug
And if your man cave is in a finished garage or basement, you want to make sure nobody messes up the floors. Have them wipe their feet or put their shoes on this helpful mat.

Plus, it lets visitors know what room of the house they are entering, so they know not to go in there. No matter what NFL team your friend, grandpa or dad supports, you can definitely hook him up with a mat that helps out.

I got my friend who lives in Florida a Miami Dolphins mat, and myself a great Minnesota Vikings mat as well. My son has a mat similar to this one outside of his room.

They make great gifts to help introduce others to your man cave. The mats are completely machine washable, and the material reminds me of an indoor mini-golf material.

It catches all the dust and dirt off your shoes but looks great. You could simply take it outside and hit it with a stick or broom to dislodge the dust that gets stuck in there over time.

Or, take it to a laundromat and throw it in the washing machine for easy cleanup.

It is a one size fits all gift, too, no pesky asking about sizes or getting it wrong.

Shotgun Shell 12 Gauge Coaster Set

If your friend enjoys hunting, then these coasters will go into his man cave like a dream. A friend of mine at work has a family cabin that has become his “man cave” of sorts when it is hunting season.

Pine Ridge 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell 5 Piece Coaster Set Holder Buckshot Drink Coasters with Base for the Man Cave Decor Hunting Cabin Dining Furniture Gun Gifts for Men

These coasters go well in the cabin after he, his grandpa and his dad have come back after an early morning hunting, or a nice evening catching fish on the nearby lake.

They are also great if your person is a firearms enthusiast. Some guys, like my uncle in Texas, just enjoy trying out different guns and seeing how they shoot.

So even though they may not be big into hunting or fishing, they can still appreciate the cool design of these coasters.

Not only that, but their function is just what you need, too. After all, no matter what a coaster looks like, its purpose is to keep burn marks and watermarks off the nice tables in your living room, man cave or dining room table. They do just that, and they do it well.

The coasters come in a nice gold-coated finish. They look lovely and the color matches just about any man cave.

You definitely do not need a cabin, a love of guns or a love of hunting to enjoy these uniquely designed coasters.

And the price point isn’t bad, either! It is under $20 so everybody can afford this great gift with ease.

Corkcicle Cigar Glass-

Corkcicle Cigar Glass - Double Old Fashioned Glass With Built-In Cigar Rest
Got a friend who enjoys some fine cigars and also a smooth whiskey? Then you will want to get your hands on this excellent glass.

It features a good design that is easy to hold and fill with your favorite liquor, and also has a nice cigar holder for the times when you get to enjoy a fine cigar.

The glass itself is ergonomically designed, so it holds the cigar with ease, and you don’t have to worry about it slipping away from you.

And it’s not exactly sanitary to set the cigar on the table or in the ashtray, so this keeps it clean for you.

Come to think of it, it’s not safe, either.

Each of these glasses is handcrafted, so you are not getting some mass-produced plastic piece that will eventually crack and break. This is high quality stuff and your friend is sure to love it, especially if they are a cigar fanatic.

One thing about this gift that I noticed is that the glass does sweat. This means the cigar you are smoking does have the chance it will be dampened.

This is good if you do not add ice to your drink of choice, but it should be noted that the picture of the item shows ice in the glass.

So, it is a great idea if you drink your whisky as is, but if you use this glass with ice, and a cigar, be aware of what might happen when you use it.

Whiskey Decanter for Scotch, Bourbon or Wine

This is one of those gifts that we like to call an affordable luxury. It looks absolutely stunning, like you should be in the boardroom of a CEO-or, rather, YOU are the CEO and you are having a drink after closing a huge business deal.

Whiskey Decanter for Scotch, Liquor, Vodka, Wine or Bourbon - Irish Cut 750ml

But, let’s take the pressure of being in such a position of power out of the equation and just enjoy some great liquors!

This makes a great gift for those of you who really enjoy a nice drink once in a while, and like it when it is poured from a beautiful decanter.

This beautiful man cave gift is lead-free and looks so good on a table or on top of a liquor cabinet. One thing I would advise you about is that you should not actually put wine in here.

The item description says wine, but when you decant wine you do it so the wine can breathe. This decanter does not have the correct opening to allow this breathing process to take place.

So, I would use caution and perhaps choose a different decanter if you want to use this for wine.

It is nice and heavy, and of course it is lead free. The cut of this particular decanter is so elegant, nobody will guess you paid only $20 for this excellent gift.

It is a one size fits all gift, and any man will enjoy drinking his liquor even more with this decanter.

Hookey Wall Game

If you love to play darts, and you and your buddies kill it at darts, why not try something new? I first learned of this game while playing with my son at his school carnival.

I took a mental note of the game, Hookey, and wrote it down. It’s for sale right on Amazon and is so much fun.
Elite Sportz Mens Gifts or Outdoor Games for Family - Our Hookey Ring Toss Game is an Easy Set Up. Simply Hang and Play This Beautifully Finished Game for Boys or Girls
You simply take these little plastic rings and throw them at the wooden board. You hope that your ring hooks onto the metal hook so that you score a higher amount of points.

It is absolutely fantastic for all ages, and it is safe for everybody. Darts are fun, but the pointy edges sometimes make me nervous when the kids ask to play.

Plus, I do not have to worry about holes in the wall from darts. I do not like putting holes in the wall even to hang up pictures, so this is a nice alternative.

Your game will come with 2 sets of rings, black and red, so you can take some teams and see who can beat who. This might just lead to a Hookey tournament taking place at your man cave every now and again.

Australians have definitely brought us some of the world’s coolest inventions-the Hills’ Hoist clothesline, flight recorders that record voices in the cockpit, and polymer banknotes.

They have also invented this fun game known as Hookey, so grab a friend and play today. It’s safe and fun for everybody.

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

Great for younger men, this is a wonderful gift that really can suit everybody but reminds me of younger days. This is just what you’d expect-a huge bean bag chair offered in a variety of fun colors and sizes.

No matter if you are a small guy or a big guy, you can definitely find a bean bag that suits you with ease.

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair: Giant 5' Memory Foam Furniture Bean Bag - Big Sofa with Soft Micro Fiber Cover - Chocolate
Do not let the microfiber part sway you from buying this cool chair. You can take the cover right off and throw it in the washing machine.

My nephew owns one of these, and he and his buddies love sitting on it when they game or just hang around with some pizza.

It is definitely a nostalgia piece. While most guys might like sitting on a bar stool or couch while you watch the game or catch up on the news, plenty of others will love collapsing into this fun bean bag chair in a wave of nostalgia for the good old days.

One concern you might have, especially if you have some back issues, is what the bean bag is stuffed with. This particular brand stuffs theirs with shredded memory foam.

No, it’s no Tempur-Pedic level of comfort, but I sure had a nice time sitting on it while visiting my nephew. It is great if you allow your kids to come into the man cave.

All in all, get this man cave gift idea if you like to smile!

Homall Single Recliner Chair

This is a very affordable and fun chair for the price. This is a chair that mimics what it is like to sit in a movie theatre. So, it is just perfect for the men who are movie buffs in your life.

Homall Single Recliner Chair Padded Seat PU Leather Living Room Sofa Recliner Modern Recliner Seat Club Chair Home Theater Seating (Black)
The leather is nice and easy to clean, all you need are some leather wipes if there is a spill. The recliner simply pushes back, and you can also enjoy a footrest that is adjustable.

The armrests are nice and wide, especially if you have beefier arms or are a bigger guy. The frame is made of durable steel, so even if you are big do not worry about your size being a barrier to enjoying the comforts this chair has to offer.

When it is reclined back, it really does look like one of those high-end movie theatre seats. When it is in the upright position, it looks like a very classy recliner. The black color means it looks super in any man cave.

It is pretty easy to assemble and can be done so in a matter of minutes. Homall even offers some different options if you are a gamer, prefer a fabric recliner, or even want to take it outdoors with some outdoor recliners, too.

I have one of these in my man cave, and I find it to be a wonderful addition to the place. I highly recommend it.

Lambert Bar Unit with Cherry

Lambert Bar Unit with Sink Cherry
I decided to put this on the list, because my brother has a bar at his house and we just love it.

Granted, it is outside of many people’s price-range, but I am adding it because it is a real “Man cave” dream come true to have a cool and classy cherry finish bar in the area for all the guys to gather around.

There is even a brass footrest on this particular bar. So, while the guys are hanging around at the bar, you can rest your foot on the bottom just as you would if you were out and about!

This bar is pretty easy to set up, too. I helped my brother set his up, and it was simple – just have to put on the foot rail as well as the knobs that go onto all the drawers.

The hardest part was getting the darn thing into the house and unpacking it!

All in all, this would be the ultimate gift for a guy if it is within your price range!

The Benefits of Man Cave Gifts

Man cave gifts are beneficial in many ways. They show that you really care about the guy you bought them for, because you took the time to research and see what men really want for their special spaces.

They show off the unique and varied interests of men everywhere and give guys a chance to be guys when they are in groups of friends or with their male cousins, brothers, uncles or other relatives.

Who Needs These?!

Every guy could use a nice man cave gift!

Not every guy is lucky enough to have a man cave, but the gifts on this list are great for everybody.

You can easily imagine the Hockey game with a group of friends in the living room, and you can easily imagine yourself relaxing on a beanbag chair like the Chill Sack while you play some games or even just take a nap after the day is through.

Consequences of Man Cave Gifts

Side effects of man cave gifts include:
  • Your friends wanting to come over more often.
  • Compliments dealt toward the giver of the gift.
  • Compliments from your buddies about the cool gift.
  • Fun and entertainment for you and all the rest of your friends if you get the Hooky game.
  • A cleaner man cave if you get the FanMat.
  • Intense relaxation if you get the recliner or the bean bag chair.
  • A more pronounced feeling of happiness overall towards your life.

Final Thoughts

The best gifts for man cave don’t need to cost a bundle. Some of our ideas are under $20, and they are so fun to give at that price.

All of them are useful and will definitely generate gratitude and smiles. So, gift away and celebrate the men in your life.

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